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The BlackBerry Smartphone Series

Updated on March 5, 2014

Important Revelation about BlackBerry SmartPhone Series

BlackBerry Ltd(Former RIM) is the manufacturer of the BlackBerry Smartphone series. BlackBerry first appearance in the Phone industry was in 1999. But its first exploit in terms of market recognition(relatively) started in the year 2002 with the launch of BlackBerry 5810. The first BlackBerry Phone that came into the market in 1999 was a two way pager device.

There were other similar gadgets in existence , but the peculiarity of the two way pager, put RIM(BlackBerry) on a journey that have Since paid off, branding it a Smartphone manufacturer which history and posterity will attest to, the dwindling market performance of the moment not withstanding. BlackBerry saw an unprecedented breakthrough and gain market dominance in the Smartphone industry for over a decade.

Despite the current challenges and shortcomings(market perform as a result of competitors), the peculiarities of the BlackBerry Smartphone still make it the choice of many Smartphone addicts. The most of it all is its data encryption facility. This underscores why BlackBerry 10 gain certification for high security standard even before launch.

In the same vain, the BlackBerry Smartphone is the official Phone of renowned organisations for its data security and confidentiality. This also makes it first choice among many individual users.

Although other Smartphone manufacturers like Apple iphone and Samsung galaxy series has also gain prominence and apparently dominating the market, the close to a decade dominance of the Smartphone market by BlackBerry is not what one can afford to forget in a hurry.

Peculiarities of the BlackBerry Smartphone Series

The BlackBerry Smartphone peculiarity hinges on its Operating System(OS). We can't talk about BlackBerry exploits without this acknowledgement. The OS is a propriety software developed by BlackBerry Limited( former RIM). It has in-built multi-task operating environment. The system allows wireless synchronization with Microsoft Exchange,Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise.

We have seen a phenomena development in its Operating System as depicted on the table below. The design moved from a very simple looking to a more sophisticated device going beyond its traditional qwerty keyboard to touch screen and from track wheel to track pad.

BlackBerry peculiar support for push email, corporate email, Internet faxing, internet browsing, voice call, text messaging, Calendar,Contacts, encrypted instant messaging popularly known as the BlackBerry Messenger etc. gave it an edge over other Smartphone manufacturers in the early days of its existence.

BlackBerry Smartphones especially with the birth of the 9000 series and beyond has processing speed apart from other characteristics unequaled by some of its competitors, current challenges not withstanding .This is very unique, more than equivalent to the speed of top Personal Computers, off course it is equally a personal digital assistant on a higher platform. Do a download on BlackBerry Smartphone at least with version 7.1 as depicted below and make a comparison between it and competitors' equivalent with respect to speed. Well, let me leave that for you to judge.

BlackBerry OS 10 Phones released on January 30th,2013 came with features that took BlackBerry to another level inspiring loyalist confidence once again, which symbolises path of recovery from it lost glory. Though more is still been expected, hopefully from subsequent upgrades. Times is changing and so people taste and fantasy, BlackBerry is becoming more conscious of this. BlackBerry described the new OS as an extension of multitask operating environment. It is something to behold.

Most of the BlackBerry series has a physical QUARTY keyboard with some optimized for Thumbing. This is unique as it is the preference and choice of some of the users of the device. However, there are warnings from health organizations that it is better to use other fingers for long and consistent typing. As this could lead to repetitive strain injury which the thumb is not capable of withstanding.

Latest BlackBerry Series Operating System accommodate third party application software such as the android applications which can be installed through the BlackBerry Application Store. This is a good news for those who like varieties.

A very important feature of the BlackBerry Smartphone which I personally most not fail to mention due to personal experience is the phone tracking facility. If missing or stolen,very easy to track and recover through the BlackBerry ID.

As expected,BlackBerry Messenger Application is now available on iOS and Android as revealed by the former Backberry CEO Thorsten Heins, on the 14th May, 2013. This will be a great feat for BlackBerry and a sure path to total recovery of its dwindling prestige.

Starting from the first BlackBerry email pager 580 with version 1.0, to the latest BlackBerry Smartphone series that uses BlackBerry 10 OS such as BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, the uniqueness of the BlackBerry Series as a convergent communication media will remain a long time unforgettable experience.

BlackBerry 8100(Pearl)
BlackBerry 8100(Pearl)

Some BlackBerry Phones by Operating System since inception

Operating System Version
Compatibles Phones
BlackBerry 10.2.1
BlackBerry 10.2
BlackBerry Z30
BlackBerry 1O
BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry Bold 9790,9900,9930. BlackBerry Curve 9310,9315,9350,9360,9370,9380,9220,9320. BlackBerry Touch 9810,9850,9860.
August, 2011
BlackBerry Bold 9900,9330. BlackBerry Touch 9810,9850,9860. BlackBerry Curve 9350,9360,9370,9380.
BlackBerryB Bold 9650,9700,9780. BlackBerry Curve 9300,9330. BlackBerry Pearl 9100,9105. BlackBerry Style 9670. BlackBerry Torch 9800
BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Storm 2,BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Curve, 8330, 8350i,8520,8900.
BlackBerry 5810
BlackBerry 580

BlackBerry Smartphone Future

Any objective analyst will admit that the "Blackberry experience" is worthwhile and unique. To have a glimpse of how the BlackBerry Smartphone looks like or how it works is phenomenal.Take a look at the various BlackBerry series as tabulated above and you will find innovation, consistency and varieties. With the release of BlackBerry 10, The BlackBerry OS was discontinued. Though it is still available in the BlackBerry Store.

This brings us to the BlackBerry Smartphone future. Apparently, BlackBerry is yet to regain its fit in terms of market dominance, although in the opinion of some analysts, the company allowed time to run out on her. Well, this is subjective, the Firm assertion with the launch of its recent operating system is a complete repositioning and a sure path for total recovery.

The pricing factor of its latest products with respect to making it competitive with Open Sourced OS like Goggle Android is an issue, that seems to elude a foreseeable immediate future. This generation seems to be more attune with value for money, if they can get same features as offered by BlackBerry for less, they will go for it.

The fact remains that technology prowess is not a sole jurisdiction of an individual firm. The table can turn around within a moment. But that also depend on how swift an individual company is able to learn from past shortcomings and progressively mend the fence.

I am more than optimistic that BlackBerry will regain its lost glory, at least with the promising new CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen based on his profile. It may however require a change of existing platform. There is a need to institute a frame work that will give the best and competitive in every facet of the word "competitive"


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