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The Challenge Posed by the Ipad Screen Protector

Updated on June 22, 2012

It would be almost impossible to question the veracity of this statement: "The ipad screen protector poses a challenge." The barrier on the new tablet from Apple makes it difficult to see the displayed images and information from every angle. In fact, that is the very purpose of the ipad screen protectors.

Yet that clear purpose can be difficult to convey to the reader of a billboard. Currently, the corners of big city streets often feature a sign that includes a picture of a tablet user. That user might be seated at home, on the beach or in some other frequently visited spot. Usually, that user has placed Apple's new tablet on his or her knees.

In those billboards, one can see no evidence of a screen protector kit.The absence of such evidence underlines the difficulties that confront any sign maker faced with the task of advertising the screen protectors for ipad users. When working, those barriers prevent the viewing of the lighted tablet by anyone other than the person who sits directly in front of it.

So how can a billboard illustrate the absence of some object or view? Perhaps it would need to include both a "before" and "after" picture. Perhaps it should suggest the exasperation of the "spy" that is trying to sneak a peak at a stranger's or a co-worker's lighted pad. Yet it could be difficult to capture such exasperation in a drawing, one that needs to sell a protective barrier to large numbers of people.

Therefore Apple's lastest gadget creates two distinctly different challenges. It introduces an obstacle, an obstacle that can make problems for anyone that wants to invade the privacy of the person who is enjoying one of the new pads. At the same time, it hands sign makers with a difficult task, the job of illustrating the absence of a viewable object.


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