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Impacts of Digital Technology

Updated on June 19, 2013


“Just click the buttons in your hand” is best represented the digital technologies make consumers which bring easily and conveniently on the daily basis. We cannot deny that the digital technology demand has been increasing continuously according to the fast change in the technologies.

The digital - technology products such as notebooks, personal computer (PC), gadgets and devices such as digital cameras, tablets, home appliances such as digital television, GPS, automobiles, children toys, and robots and etc. are produced to satisfy the needs of the markets. These products' components have small pieces of technology such as micro electronics which are mostly manufactured of unfriendly environmental like computer chips, CFC, toxin and chemistry, and other harmful combinations.

Although the suppliers strategically guarantee that their products are environmental friendly such as eco – cars, non - CFC refrigerator, and so on but we are as the consumers know that the wastes from those products hard to be eliminated and cause of pollutions. The more we consume new digital products and services, the more pollution emitted to our eco system, atmosphere, and, then, it will impact to our life at the end. Technologies have not only advantages but it is also dangerous if it is misused. To sustain the future and prevent overconsumption of digital technologies, the following contents will demonstrate the negative impacts and sustainability.

' The more we have consume those products which bring us easy and convenient to our life, the more digital wastes and/or trashes we have. '

Smart Products, Dumb Wastes

An Inconvenient Truth -- Produced by Mr. Al Gore


Let imagine to the huge mountain garbage from the smart - digital products and technologies we have consumed which takes several decade to be eliminated. If the digital wastes are not well managed, it definitely costs us more than we can imagine. The wastes from manufacture those smart products which bring us comfortable and convenient life, which impact to our life in several aspects, such as the chemical or toxin from production leaking into the ground water, fresh water resources, soil, and even the oceans. Then we have to consume unsafe or poisonous agricultural products. Or the wastes from the digital technology will be one components of the tragedy in commons and the main cause of global warming. The main impacts of digital technologies wastes are :

  • Environment, atmosphere, and eco – systems
  • Human well – being, health, and life style
  • Global Warming
  • Society and community
  • Contamination of chemical, toxin, and other harmful components into ecosystem
  • Exploited digital products
  • New deceases from over using digital technologies such as computer viruses, and revival of extinct deceases such as TB, or new species of viruses and bacterium.

How to Get Rid Of Digital Products

  • Effective Digital Trash Management: The consumers, manufacturers, and governments around the globe must be cooperate to the wastes of digital technologies all together. The most effective methods to manage the digital trashes or wastes effectively all parties, organization, and consumers must be accounted for this problems.
  1. Corporates or Organizations: The firms who manufacture the spare part, circuits, and other combinations of the digital products must aware of producing and / or developing new technologies used in each digital products. Although most of the firms now annouced that they have been producing green products which is environmental friendly but there there are some harmful chemical, toxin, and other contaminant products which harm human health as a combination still.
  2. Consumers and End Users: Buyers or consumers are one of the most powerful element in digital waste management. If the consumers aware of the green products / green technology before makin any decision before purchase will stimulate the firms or organizations to produce the environmental and human friendly into the market. Not only before purchase some products is important but after sales or after the products expire should be systematically get rid of. The organizations is responsible for used products produced in order to recycle and etc.
  3. Governmental Support: Governments supports the digital producers to by building awareness, or financial support, or issues codes of conducts and code of ethics stimulate the green products to both firms and consumers. In some developed countries have well managed digital waste effectively by digital waste separation in order to recycle effectively.



In this paragraph is how to compromise with swiftly change of digital technologies and overconsumption of digital technologies such as one person has tree or more cellular phones or a consumer who upgrades his home appliances to new launched models, and etc. Is it the right time caring about the sustainability?

  • People Involvement (individual, organizations, businesses, community, the whole societies)
  • Digital and technological wastes management systematically.
  • Hazardous wastes controlling measurements in digital and technological manufacturers.
  • Government Intervention and international government cooperation.
  • Effective local and universal laws including reliable business codes of ethics and morals.
  • Independent environment activists, organizations, and firms.
  • Code of conducts and ethics of each firms and local governments.

Digital technologies will play important roles in our daily life basis, so each of us as a main machine in maintaining good environments to our next generations. Do use digital products smartly, trash them properly, and think carefully before spending your next dollars.


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