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The Bots Revolution

Updated on February 20, 2017
The Chat Bots Revolution
The Chat Bots Revolution | Source

Bots? What are bots?

First time I heard about such expression – bots – was when I searched for something to accelerate my ranking in Google. It was memories. That time, we were using blog comments to get both of backlinks and visitors. It was wonderful days, before the sunshine of Google Penguin Updates.

Well, many things are changed and it is different now.

As I refused bots as a spamy solution for raising my Google Rank, I came back to recommend it as a solution for growing companies. Yes, I'm speaking about the incredible revolution of Bots technology like Chat Bots.

What are Chat Bots?

Chat Bots are computer programs that had been designed to assist people in the completion of their daily/weekly habitual requests. Chat Bots are working smartly according to the recurrence rate of human questions, actions, preferences and so.

Chat Bots are built on the artificial intelligence technology. Bots help people to save more money and time through a series of questions and then understanding their habits and requests, and finally do their work instead of them. Looks pretty? I think so.

If you want an example for such a bot, you have to try Amy Ingram of They give you a free trial to touch how is incredible the future of artificial intelligence.

Amy is a virtual assistant. You tell her everything about you: calendar, habits, preferences and perfect time to work/rest, and let her do it for you. Amy is able to schedule your meetings according to your calendar. Even if one of your clients canceled his appointment, Amy will handle this issue and feedback you with updates.

You put Amy in CC box of your email, and tell her to handle this meeting. She completely communicates with client without asking you a question. She acts like a real human and no one can know the difference.

Chat Bots in Business Automation

Let's talk about the reduction of operating expenses for your business. Imagine you have an application, software, or any type of product/service that needs 24/7 support. Now, calculate how much you should pay for keeping up with your customers 24/7. At least, you have to hire 2 agents as customer support (12 hours shift) or 3 for (8 hours shift).

Chat Bots

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You need a working space for these agents. It may be your company, their home, or hiring a call center service. You have to hire 3 agents at least. Now, calculate the total cost for 1 year or at least one month.

2 years ago, I had to hire 2 of Filipinos freelancers to take care of the emails of my business. Each one of them takes $4/hour. So, I had to pay $96 a day to complete my work, $672 a week, $2880 a month. Gosh! $2880 for just answering emails? That doesn't look thrifty.

Instead of that, let's make another scenario.

Someone knows about your hardship, and calls you to give you an appealing offer: "I have a solution for your problem that its annual cost will be less than 30% of what you pay monthly to your Filipinos."

Amazing! Right? Ok, say "Hello" to Chat Bots.

As we mentioned above, Chat Bots is a smart programs. We – programmers – feed this support chat bots with tiny details that includes each expected question may be asked by users. You – business owner – have customers with a lot of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Feed chat bots with ideal answers that are enough and include require links. Chat bots are ready to start.

The Bots Future

The first decade of 21st century was the "Internet Revolution". The second decade is the "Mobile App Revolution". The Third decade will be the "Bots Revolution". Bots technology is the next movement of marketing giants like Microsoft and Facebook. Regardless of the bad experience of Microsoft's Tay, future is really will be for artificial intelligence and forget everything about the myth of Terminator movie series.

Also, Facebook is going to launch A Bot Store to catch the trend of owning a revolutionary digital store like Apple and Google. And as we talk about the two giants Microsoft and Facebook, we shouldn't ignore Google and its researches about the artificial intelligence.

So, since the whole giants are going to bots world you shouldn't stay where you are.

It looks like active steps towards the development of such chat bots and smart assistants. So, you have to keep an eye on what it will serve your business and make a real positive change.

Of course, you may meet some mistakes in implementation. It is normal. Everything needs the cycle of "try and fail, and then try again". Humans make mistakes, why do you disapprove the mistakes of machines? Give it a try.


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