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What is Amazon FIRE

Updated on November 6, 2012

Until now Apple didn’t have any competition. Yes there were other device makers like RIM’s BlackBerry, HP PalmOS and WebOS, not to mention Symbian and MeeGo and finally the whole slew of Android smartphones and tablets.

All these other guys have their marketplaces for apps but all lack what Apple has. When you buy an Apple device; IPad, or and IPhone or IPod Touch and even the Macs; when you buy an Apple product, you buy an experience.

You also buy great content: from books, to music, TV shows and movies, tutorials and apps which adds to the great experience. Yes many of you will say that Google has those things too, but they don’t sell you the Experience. Remember when Google first came out with its search engine: Wow. It was a game changer. As was there killer apps and web innovations.

Google still has great possibilities. They should built more powerful experience with Chrome: both the browser and the OS. Create some excitement.

Android has a lot of potential. They need to breakdown their walled garden with their Checkout product and offer customers to pay with PayPal. They should create more buzz around the Android Market and the Google Chrome Web Store like iTunes. The Web Store is too obscure.

But all of that is now going to change because Amazon has launched the Kindle Fire. They will do what Apple has done with iTunes. They will have the buzz. Already we know where to go for great books with their Kindle Readers they have revolutionize the eBook market.

Now with their Kindle Fire tablet, they will offer what Apple has been offering: Experience. Experience in the form of great Apps through their App Store. Yes it is selling the same apps as Android but they are offering a better Experience. Then there is the music, videos and games. Not to mention their cloud based service that can store all you digital content.

Also with their Whispersync technology, they are building on that great experience. Now in addition to all that great content and great online experience, they are offering all those glossy magazines like Apple.

What about the Amazon Instant Videos, great movies and TV shows on demand: Wow.

The only thing I hope is that they offer a 9 inch version in addition to the 7 inch that is coming out.

Great content, Great Experience. Period.


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    • klanguedoc profile image

      Kevin Languedoc 5 years ago from Canada

      Yes Fire is very cool and affordable as is the Kobo Vox. both are Android tablets and are priced below $200. Actually i have seen the Kobo Vox at $179 at Best Buy. i have one, and an iPad2.

    • profile image

      kalie 5 years ago

      they r cool