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The Convenience Of Audio Books

Updated on October 13, 2012
Listen to any good books lately?
Listen to any good books lately? | Source

Dear Computer, Will You Read To Me?

When I was a teenager, looking for a job was fun to do. I enjoyed reading the job classified ads in the newspaper every Sunday, wondering what can I do in the summer to help people. I always saw the advertisement for people to read for the blind, I never did that though because it was only a voluntary position, and I did not have the transportation to get there, Unfortunately, those were excuses. More recently, in the local book store, there was scheduled Poetry Slam nights but due to my work schedule, was not able to attend. What is a poetry slam? It is an open microphone to the audience who wants to read, sing or perform their poetry.

When my children were young, my mother and I would purchase on audio cassette story books narrated for the children to listen to. When I was young, my mother purchased vinyl record sets for books, such as the Wizard Of Oz , written by L. Frank Baum, and Through The Looking Glass, written by Lewis Carroll. Years later, after the compact disc player replaced the old stereo which was only for turntable and cassette player, and even eight track player, my mother started purchasing books on CD. This was convenient and nice I thought. Listening to books while doing housework, and even in the vehicle on the way to work became a pleasurable experience.

Now in 2012, there are ways to purchase your audio books, via online stores for every kind of electronic device available, such as: I-Pod, I-Pad, Nook, Kindle Fire, and even on Android Phones. All of the books I find advertised seem to follow what is on the best seller's list. I think a person's choice of books is like choosing music. Everyone has a preference.

This hub is to encourage busy people like this writer to make a choice. I think that the digital world has offered such a variety of pleasurable audio and visual material, that there has become a dependence on the computer devices to keep us entertained. Let us hope that our electrical supply never ceases to exist, so that we may continue to enjoy listening to our favorite books as we continue our busy lives.

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