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The Creative ZEN Mozaic LX Music and Video Player

Updated on April 12, 2010

Mozaic LX 4GB (Pink) Refurbished

This creative ZEN Mozaic LX Music and Video Player is a rage nowadays with its unique bold design that is both eye catching and trendy.

The most attractive feature of this player is arguably its mosaic keypad, which looks smart and sleek. You can even view your photos in its 1.8" screen apart from playing your audio and video files. How cool is that?

The powerful TravelSound ZEN Mozaic speakers are highly effective and you can play out your music loud and proper!

Get The Creative Zen Mosaic LX Music and Video Player

Creative Labs Zen Mozaic LX 4 GB MP3 Player (Pink)
Creative Labs Zen Mozaic LX 4 GB MP3 Player (Pink)

Make a style statement, plus save 40%.


What The Mozaic LX MP3 and Video Player Offers...

1. Dynamic sound for video files.

2. Full color display.

3. It's extremely lightweight and hence portable.

4. Offers 32 hours of continuous playback of files.

5. Recording and playback features.

6. Offers a wide audio support including MP3, WMA and Audible 4.

7. Displays time.

8. Handy alarm clock.

9. Manage your contact list.

10. Calendar.

11. Set audio effects according to your listening preference. You can choose from 8 EQ presents, or even customize your own. Additionally, a bass booster and a smart volume controller is present.

What The Customers Are Saying...

"My wife is happy with this. It does the job it is supposed to do." - Big K

"Stylish, inexpensive, works well, great features. What more could I ask for?" - C. Mynes

"Overall, aside from the less than friendly software for managing the content, its an excellent product at a good price." - J. Rupe

"What a bargain! Fairly easy to use!" - RB


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