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The Dangers of Facebook Depression

Updated on November 17, 2015

What is Facebook Depression?

Becoming obsessed with Facebook can be extremely dangerous. According to psychiatrists, teenagers who get addicted to Facebook put themselves at a high depression risks and sometimes this can even lead them to begin having suicidal thoughts.

Teenagers can suffer from ‘Facebook depression’, according to an expert group of doctors who revealed this issue recently. The expert group of doctors known worldwide as the American Academy of Pediatrics said that when teenagers become highly obsessed with social networking sites like Facebook in particular, they are at an increased risk of suffering from very dangerous levels of depression.
The researchers said that teenagers who are constantly shunned on a social networking site like Facebook can suffer serious consequences as a result of that. In their research, the group of experts went on to find out that teenagers can even suffer more depression when they end up being shunned online than being ignored by friends in real life. Can you believe this!

Well according to the highly influential group of doctors, the online world has the immense capability of creating serious psycho-social outcomes in teenagers if proper care and counseling is not taken into consideration. The online world can be so negative to a teenager that it can even have the power of inducing self-harming thoughts or suicides.
Therefore it is recommended that parents need to be educated on the possible dangers their teenagers can encounter as a result of their activities on online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Parents should monitor their children’s activities online and try to prevent them from spending too much time online as it is never helpful to the child.

The experts said that children who normally suffer psycho-social outcomes as a result of being shunned or ignored online are said to be mostly the ones prone to depression or suicidal thoughts. There have been several cases of teenagers committing suicide simply because they were shunned online by online friends and lovers.
Facebook is indeed a very powerful and fun social networking site to hang out and make new friends, but becoming obsessed with Facebook can be quite harmful or even deadly.
Personally I think that the potential risk of being obsessed with Facebook is not limited to teenagers alone. Even adults can suffer serious emotional outcomes from their activities on such social networking sites.

Why is Facebook depression dangerous?

Below are some of the common dangers of Facebook depression:

  1. Since Facebook depression is just like any other depression, if left untreated, the consequences can be very dire to the point that the depressed person can begin to start having thoughts of committing suicide. Believe me when I say there have been several cases over the years of Facebook depression that have led to suicides. Having thoughts of killing oneself is one of the biggest dangers of depression. And since Facebook depression is a depression, then it goes without saying that it is quite possible for one suffering from this depression to devolve to the point where they start contemplating suicide. These people normally feel that suicide is the only way out of their intense depression. They hope to use suicide as a means of escaping the pain brought on by the depression. But we all know that suicide is not a way to escape from one’s pain. We should know that the terrible feelings brought on by Facebook depression are only temporary and will go with time – especially if we talk with people about them.
  2. Facebook depression can also lead to addiction. Some people, in their attempt to cope with this depression, turn to drugs and alcohol. They hope that by using these things, they can somehow cope with their depression or escape from it. But sadly these things do not help them at all and they end up becoming addicted to them. The saddest thing is that instead of the drugs and alcohol alleviating their problem of depression, the addiction to drugs and alcohol rather worsens their problem.
  3. Another major problem of Facebook depression is the fact that it can easily lead one to engage in reckless behavior or some even physically harm themselves because of their depression from Facebook. There was once this news story where an American teenager sustained life-threatening injuries after he deliberately cut himself as a result of Facebook depression. There have been several other cases like this where depressed individuals engage themselves in self-harming and very risky behaviors all because they feel hopeless and angry.
  4. Another very common problem of Facebook depression is the fact that it can greatly affect our relationships that we have with others. Many people suffering from such depression prefer to limit their contacts with friends and family members. They stop attending social events and stay at home simply because they want to be left alone. According to experts, as a result of the fact that depression leaves one physically and mentally drained, a depressed individual finds it very difficult to mingle with people – even if they are family or friends.

Lately Facebook depression is becoming more common and common around us. It is imperative that we try to control our obsession with Facebook else it controls us and leads us to a place we don't want to be in. Facebook is a good social networking site but it can also be a nightmare if we do not learn how to use it properly.

Facebook Depression

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