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The Dangers of the Internet - 1. Simplified Language.

Updated on July 25, 2016

Remember 1984?

1984 is a novel written by George Orwell, set in the big bad dystopian future of 1984 in which the citizens of the future US have no rights, not only to their country, or to their persons... But they didn't even have a right to the perception of their own reality. I read it once in highschool, and at the time I remember being more outraged by the surveillance of "big brother" than anything, but I failed to grasp the full depth of the problem. The people lacked voice. I generally try to avoid being too picky about my words when I write because words are just words, and are often only valued individually by the reader who perceives them. Furthermore, no, words do not carry some form of action whether implicit or inherently. Only motivation begets action. But semantics are important in the context of being able to communicate effectively, and/or efficiently. In 1984 speech was simplified, regulated, and refined into meaninglessness by the government. The simpler language caused people to gain less insight because they were able to communicate and perceive less.

What's Wrong With Nyan Cat?

Anything that can manipulate us away from our right to thought will do just that. It's important to understand complex things in a complex way, and there is no sense in reprogramming your mind to do otherwise, whether internet culture deems it "okay", or not. You have to remember that the internet is often really really dumb. Well.... People are generally pretty dumb, including me. I'm dumb....

1984 Wasn't an Instruction Manual...

Language can be a dangerous tool. It's good to know how to use it effectively... And safely. The origin of newspeak was never described in the book. By careless use of our freedoms, we could trap ourselves in 1984.


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