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The Death of the Internet Radio

Updated on September 12, 2012

Internet Radios Becoming Obsolete

I assumed almost everyone knew what a internet radio was, same with streaming radio stations but in doing research for this article I found a coworker that had no clue about these things so here is a quick summary. A internet radio looks like a regular table top radio but uses the internet, either through a hard wired unit to a modem or more likely, through a wireless router.

Advantages are many. Most major radio stations across the United States can be accessed through these devices with no distortion so the user is not limited to local stations but thousands. International radio stations can also be accessed. Another category are the thousands of internet only radio stations.

It can be mind-boggling to learn of the types of stations available, categorized through genre and location. You could listen to a 24 hour Christmas music station in July if you desire. At night you can listen to a station that plays old CBS Mystery Theater episodes around the clock .This is just the tip of the iceberg of the type of stations that can be found and listened too but the main emphasis of this article is why table type internet radios are becoming obsolete.

Years ago I bought a Grace Digital internet radio and as recent as a year and a half ago I thought about buying a new radio with more whistles and bells until I bought an ipad.

My Grace Digital Radio

There are many brands of internet radios but the main players are, Grace Digital, Sangean, and Logitech. Many can be found on Amazon with a few selling below a $100.00 to several hundred dollars.

These table type radios are not only bulky but are not easy to browse through the tens of thousands of stations available. In comparison my ipad and other tablets weigh very little and are very compact and the software lets me browse through stations in a much more effective way. I basically take my ipad everywhere I go, making my device a highly portable radio with access to many thousands of channels.

The Apple ipad naturally, is more expensive then most tablets but Android tablets can be found in the price range of some internet radios with the tablets being able to do many more tasks for the user then a radio on a desk that is not really portable.

There are many internet radio apps for the ipad and Android tablets but I prefer two called ootunes and tunein. Both are available for all tablets. There are also specialized radio apps such as NPR stations and news stations.

One advantage to internet radios are the better sound quality but that can also be negated, and in some cases improved, by the many blue-tooth devices that can be synced to the tablet. The price of these speakers can be found in a vast price range. High end speakers can be found from Boise to much cheaper speakers for a fraction of the price.

I use a Jawbone Jambox which is closer to the high end price range but has the size of a pound of butter and has an exceptional sound quality.

You can buy these at places such as Best Buy or a little cheaper on Amazon. You can even get better deals on ebay for the Jambox. Blue-tooth devices usually have a range of at least 33 feet. I can listen to my jawbone in the basement with the ipad upstairs in the living room

For everyone else that has never used a internet radio device or have never used the internet to stream radio stations then I would highly recommend this free, highly entertaining and educational activity. I'm constantly amazed by the new radios stations I discover daily.


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