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The Deep Web- Are Red Rooms Real?

Updated on January 9, 2016

What are "Red Rooms"?

To put it in short, Red Rooms are basically a live-stream where you pay to watch other people get tortured, abused, maimed or even killed. If you go on the Deep Web often, you have already encountered a Red Room.

Are "Red Rooms" Real?

The unfortunate answer to that query is yes. There are people out there who spend thousands of dollars to watch a human being get mutilated and murdered. However, if you stumble upon a Red Room, I guarantee you that 99.9% of the time, it is going to be fake.

Suppose you are an administrator of a Red Room and you have just put your links out there. Chances are that a federal agent might see those links and trace them to you and shut you down.

You see, getting into a Red Room is not as easy as logging into your Facebook account. You can't just sign up and enter a Red Room.

"Well, if that's the case," some of you might say, "how do you enter a Red Room?"

Getting Into A Red Room

As I said before, getting into a Red Room is not an easy task. You need to chat with someone who has the link to such a secret website. As you can guess, the links to Red Rooms are hidden. After you chat with such a person and acquire the link from them, you click on the link. Simple, right?

Not so much.

You see, they don't just stop there. After you visit a Red Room website, you have to get invited to sign up on that website by a moderator or administrator. After that, they are going to ask you a few personal details, run a background check on you, and then, finally, allow you to enter,

Now that you know that, do you think you would feel comfortable sharing your personal details with people who live-stream murder?

Also, most of the times, these Red Rooms require you to download a special browser. Now, I advise you to never download anything from the Deep Web because it's bound to be loaded with tracking software. Now, they know where you are and what you are doing on your computer.

Is that spooky enough for you?

People, I strongly advise you to use protection software if you go on the Deep Web. Although going on the Deep Web doesn't come recommended by me, I will be writing an article on "how to protect yourself on the Deep Web soon for those who are curious enough to surf the Deep Web.

Now, you would say how do I know this information? Well, I've never been in an actual Red Room nor do I ever intend to enter any. All of this information is based on the accounts of people who have educated me about Red Rooms on various forums.

This is not an actual Red Room. It's just a graphic image that I found.
This is not an actual Red Room. It's just a graphic image that I found. | Source

Why I Think Most Red Rooms Are Fake

As I've explained before, a Red Room is a live stream. If you have ever used "tor" (the onion router), you know that it pings you all over the world to keep you anonymous. For example, it might show that you are in China one second and in Germany the other. Because it pings you all over the world, your identity and your location remains anonymous.

Even with the fastest internet connection, accessing the Deep Web is a tedious task because of all the pinging going on. When "tor" pings you all over the world, it takes up a large amount of your bandwidth, resulting in a sluggish internet speed. You would require ages to even download a 5 megabyte file.

So, you can imagine that live-streaming with such a slow internet speed would be a blistering pain in the butt. Unless you stream it in low resolutions such as 144p, and let's be honest, no one likes to watch 144p videos, except maybe, people who like to watch other people getting tortured and murdered. Even if you do stream at 144p, the live-stream will freeze more than often, which really won't add much to viewing pleasure (if that's what you choose to call it), would it?

Also, the Deep Web has more scams than you can count. A Red Room you find, might be one.

Don't Be Discouraged

Although, I do advise people against accessing the Deep Web, I wouldn't discourage the curious people from doing so.

Probably, all this grim talk about Reed Rooms has freaked you out (and it should, because it is freaky), you needn't worry because you just won't stumble upon one.

You see, you don't find morbidly horrible stuff on the Deep Web unless you are actively searching for morbidly horrible stuff.

However, there is always a 10% chance that an unknown link you click upon might contain illicit things, there is a 90% chance that it won't.

The Deep Web is infamous for all of the horrible stuff that goes down there, and its true, because horrible stuff does go down there, but the thing is, you won't find it unless you really intend to find it.


Do Red Rooms exist?


Can I Join One?

If you're into kinky stuff and want to ruin your life, sure!

I found a Red Room recently, do you think it's real?

Probably not.

The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld

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