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The Dictation Feature on the iPhone

Updated on September 8, 2013

The onscreen keyboard on the iPhone 4S and onwards has a new convenient feature - Voice Dictation. This is also available on the iPad 3rd generation onwards.

Users don't have to go and download an app anymore. Now the onscreen keyboard with its mic icon will give you speech recognition capabilities that are nicely integrated for you.

Sometimes, you'll have to activate this feature. Go to the settings app on the iPhone or iPad, select 'General' and then select 'Keyboards'. Here are some screenshots from the iPhone.

So the Dictation option has to be turned on. In most cases, this is done by default. I repeat that this feature only comes with the iPhone 4S (onwards) running the latest version of iOS.

Once this is selected, the Voice Dictation mic icon will appear next to the spacebar on the onscreen keyboard.

You Can Use Dictation To Do So Many Things

It can be used on apps like Viber and Whatsapp. There really doesn't seem to be a limit!

You Can Write An Email

You Can Update your Facebook Status

You Can Tweet

This requires some extra steps involving Siri - your intelligent personal assistant on the iPhone. I extensively discussing using dictation to tweet on the iPhone for your benefit!

You Can Add an Event on Your Calendar

And Of course Write Messages

And So Much More!!

It looks like we are moving into a time that these electronic items and mobile devices will soon be able to process our thoughts. How convenient would that be?


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