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The Difference between Academic and Newspaper Articles

Updated on July 5, 2017

Articles whether academic or newspaper are written to address a particular topic of interest which the author wishes to put across. Articles can appear in journals, newspapers, books or magazines. There are a number of factors that differentiate academic and newspaper article. For instance, while an academic article has to employ various scientific sources to back the information presented, the newspaper article does not necessarily use resources. In addition, a scholarly article has to be subjected to “peer review” before being published. Under peer review, the article is carefully examined by experts in the field to ascertain that the style and subject matter are appropriate and fully meets the journal criteria. The purpose of publishing an academic article is to present scientific insights that are evidence based and are significant for the public and professional body. The article “Racial Bias in Motor Vehicle Searches: Theory and Evidence” by Knowles et al (2001) provides a good example of an academic article since it utilizes a number of sources which are fully referenced to back its data and information. Moreover, it is published in the journal of political economy, which is a referred and peer reviewed publication. On the other hand, the article with a title “15 French Minorities File Lawsuit Accusing Police of Racial Profiling” by Haddad which is a newspaper article is not peer reviewed and does not reference its sources. The platform in which the article was published does not subject articles to peer review.


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