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Read this before buying a Facebook Friend Adder

Updated on March 27, 2010

Get friends on Facebook but how?

If you want to get friends on Facebook than you have your own reasons as to why you do want a lot of friends on Facebook and you might be asking yourself how do I get friends on Facebook without wasting all my time on the site? Well than you may or may not have heard of the Facebook Friendblaster. The Facebook Friendblaster is software that automatically adds friends. Basically this software adds friends faster by doing it automatically instead of doing them manually.

The bottom line is that this may seem very appealing and you may very well be tempted to invest into a Facebook Friendblaster but you do need to know if it is worth using it and how it really works. If you want to get friends on Facebook real fast and you are considering getting a Facebook friendblaster than finish reading this whole article before making a decision.

How the Facebook friendblaster works

So now that you have decided that you want to get friends on facebook and get a lot of them you may think that a Facebook friendblaster would be a cool little tool to use in your quest of getting a lot of friends on Facebook but you need to know how the Facebook friendblaster actually works. There are many different kinds of friendblasters for Facebook out there but they all pretty much work alike and have similar features.

Basically a Facebook Friendblaster would gather Facebook profiles from pages such as your friends' list or public pages and what not but most Facebook friendblasters do not have the option to filter out requests so it will add both men and women. However when you do Friend requests on Facebook from time to time regardless if you use the Facebook friendblaster you might have to enter a captcha code to send out some friend requests. An adder also varies in prices but be prepared to spend around thirty dollars or so.

So this all sounds good right but is a Facebook Friendblaster really worth it if you want to get friends on Facebook quickly? Well keep on reading and than make that call for yourself.


Is getting a facebook friend adder worth it

Now that you know what a Facebook friendblaster is you might want to know is it really worth it after all. Is the friend adder really worth it if you want to get friends on Facebook in a fast amount of time? The answer is no in my opinion and read the next paragraph on why getting a Facebook friendblaster is not a good thing to do.

It is not a great idea to buy a Facebook Friendblaster because when you do friend requests on Facebook after you do between 25-50 requests you have to enter a captcha code and there is a warning that your account will be disable or suspended because you are requesting people to fast. So using a Facebook friendblaster is definitely a good way to get your account blocked, deleted or have your friend requesting privileges suspended. The price for an adder is also not worth it, I have seen some adders for between $20-$50 and if you have a good chance at getting your Facebook account in trouble than this price tag is not worth it.

The bottom line is to just do your friend requests manually because it is usually just as fast doing it this way as it is using a Facebook friendblaster. If you want to get friends on Facebook than stay away from any Facebook friend adders because your account will probably end up deleted or suspended.



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