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The Fallacies Of Facebook

Updated on April 27, 2017

Facebook A Place For People To Connect


Facebook Social Networking Service

According to Wikipedia Facebook launched the networking on February 4, 2004. Mark Zuckerberg was the founder of Facebook along side with him were his college roommates and one student from Harvard University.

In the beginning Facebook was limited only to the Harvard students. Expanding to other colleges in the Boston area gradually leading up to most Universities through out Canada and the United States. It wasn't until September 2006 that Facebook was then available to everyone to the age of 13 and up having a valid email address. You can read more by going to Wikipedia there you can get all the facts.

The Pros and Cons Of Facebook

I will only give you a few of them, there are to many to mention:


1. Facebook is a way to connect with people from all over the world, which is pretty cool. I have a son who lives in another state. With Facebook I can see all his pictures and postings, this keeps me connected to him. I also can see where he travels because this is something he loves to do. Looking at all his pictures is very satisfying, very connecting.

2. I can create a journal of my own life with my own memories. Posting of either my family outings or just everyday life as it comes. I love to see the memories from a year ago pop up in my homepage and it brings back those memories.

3. Facebook for me has also helped me to see when my child or children may be hurting and in need by just listening to their post. A mother knows when there is something wrong.

4. Facebook has helped me advertise and market my sites which is good for business or just to share your blog with others from all over the world.

5. Facebook helps me to stay connected with distance relatives and friends from yesterday or even today. Staying connected to family use to be good but not so much anymore.

There are many good reasons to have a Facebook but there are also reasons to not have one.


1. Facebook can take to much of your time away from what is really important. It can be very addicting.

2. Facebook can be very misleading causing others to see something that may not be mean't for them and take it the wrong way.

3. Facebook can cause a person to feel left out therefore feeling a sense of rejection. Sometimes feeling more lonely then they were before social networking came out.

4. Facebook can give a false happiness when they are only posting the nice things but not sharing what is really going on behind closed doors.

5. Facebook has been used to bully and make someone feel bad about them self even to the point of committing suicide. It can be very damaging and hurtful to someone who is already damaged.

6. You can lose touch with reality and you also can lose yourself in it. You lose touch with each other. Losing Social Skills.

The list goes on and on as to why Facebook can be good and to why it can be bad too.


My Story

When Social Networking first came out it was like a whole world opened up to me. Since I graduated out of High School, I came out well into my first job marrying the first guy that came along. We divorced and I remarried five years later. So basically I was married most of my young life. Being isolated from the outside world having to be mother and a wife that took most of my time.

I can remember when I discovered Myspace first, I loved spending time on there decorating my page and trying to be the best with graphics. I loved the old Myspace better then the one that they have now. It was there that I met all kinds of different type of people. It was fascinating to meet others from all over the world. I even created a Baby Boomer page which consisted of over 5000 members that I manually invited one by one. In Fact two people met there in the chat room that I created and soon was married, they are still married today. I tried to learn all the techniques in creating the best group on Myspace. I spent a lot of time training myself.

But this took precious time away from my family, the worst day is when my dog got out because my husband at that time left the garage door open and my Corgi dog got away and was hit by a car. You can imagine the guilt I felt because I was spending time in my Baby Boomer group. If only I was watching this would of never happened.

Being on that Social Network also cause conflict with my marriage, if I would of noticed the waring signs and the fact that he didn't care anymore perhaps things could of been prevented. But then again that shouldn't ever been an excuse.

On Myspace it was just a lot of friends and my sons that I basically had on there. I made online friends from all over the place remaining friends until this day.

After Myspace, Facebook became popular so a lot of my friends joined up and I decided to join up too, because I had a few friends that I wanted to stay connected to. I didn't like it as much as Myspace but then I got use to the change.

Later my family members joined then things for me gradually changed.

Social Networking

2 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of How do you rate Facebook

Entrance to Facebook headquarters complex in Menlo Park, California



At first it was nice connecting with family members, even coming across distant family. Even co workers. Then as time went by things for me gradually started going downhill.

First of all you have to know me as a person, I am a very private person one that doesn't want anyone to really know the real me. Like I said the majority of my life I was isolated and more to myself and to my own immediate family. I didn't have a lot of friends in real life nor did I need to have any. I was content being more to myself. I was content in staying in touch with a few online friends but I didn't need to have friends in my real life, so to speak.

Then came the family members and even co workers

I was happy to add family even co workers and it was lots of fun at first, but then came the misunderstandings, the judgements the feelings of rejection and then the deleting of certain family members and even co workers that really hurt me.

With Facebook you can create for yourself a make believe world, making others think you are someone that your not, mostly sharing the happy things but never what really may be going on. Or not letting them know the real you. When family members know you that is when it can become difficult. They tend to judge you more for your postings or see something that isn't really there. That can go both ways.

I have lost many friends and family from a misread post that I may of made. Even a post of my own opinion and belief. I have also may of misunderstood them for something that they may of posted. So our expectations come off in another form of rejection. I have seen many be hurt by this. And if your a sensitive person as it is, Facebook can be more damaging then it is good.

I have seen through my own experience, the hurt caused by Facebook. It can become a reality in life itself, so much so that family members will turn their back on you, and treat you not the same if they have read a post you made and didn't like it etc.. Another problem is If your use to seeing a like by someone all the time on all your post and then you don't see it anymore you take it as though they are mad at you or rejecting you. When in fact it may or may not be the case. You wonder what happened why all of a sudden they are liking everyone else's post but not your's?

Facebook can and will destroy relationships! When you have different decades on there the expectation grows even bigger. For example if one is posting their thoughts an aunt or uncle will take it as a sign of disrespect directed at them. I also on the other hand had my nieces delete me because they didn't like the way their parent was treated by a post that was made. Many taking sides also can break up families. The different age groups mingled together isn't always a good idea.

If your young you feel like you need to keep a certain image to your peers. Then when you see all your friends interacting and they don't seem to notice you it can bring you to an all time low and that means with family too.

If your away all by yourself and all you have is Facebook to rely on you can feel more alone watching others interact with each other on Facebook with all the together pictures etc.

For me Facebook use to be fun but after all the drama of it all I have decided that Facebook isn't what it is cut out to do. This is my experience. Its not the same as much as I would love to stay in touch this way, I find it to be more hurtful creating a feeling of more distance then before the windows of this new technology was invented. I have lost touch with reality. Its time to get back into the real world called life. My family will love me for it :)

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