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The Features of Cheap Two Way Radios

Updated on January 9, 2011

Many people who haven’t used these new to way radios aren’t aware of the technological advancement of these radios. They think it to be like kids walkie-talkies however they should know that these two way radios are used in many businesses and jobs like that of police department in which it is used to catch many criminals also the traffic police uses these radios to catch the law brokers etc.

Not only in businesses and job but for the personal use, these cheap two way radios are a good communication device. If you are planning to go for hiking and you want to go on some different route then your friends’, you can still stay in touch with them through these two way radios. Some radios have the coverage of about 30 miles so without any fear you can climb as high as you want.

These radios comes with belt clips so that you wont find any difficulty in carrying them also these have long batteries and some companies are producing models which have LED torch, stopwatch and alarms so that you don’t have to carry other many gadgets and can simply rely on these cheap two way radios. And if the night occurs in the journey, your LED torch in the two way radios can work like flash light. Some of these also have emergency siren to call for help in case of any emergency.

Some of these two way radios have hand free system so that the hand set is attached with your belt while you can still talk with your head set. These have weather scans so you can see what weather suits your journey and than you can plan according to the weather conditions. This is really good if you are planning for vacations.

These cheap two way radios have a very clear voice, unlike cell phones in which you can hear the background noise; you won’t find distraction in these radios. So these cheap two way radios are an excellent means of communication whether its your business tour or personal trip, you should have it.


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