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The Five Essential Tools to Use in Digital Marketing

Updated on July 16, 2015

Maybe you’re a seasoned digital PR pro or maybe you’re transitioning from a traditional press office to online. Whatever the case may be, there are several different ways to engage an online community and several different tools you can use to do so. Check out this list of the top five essentials to kick start your digital marketing career:

Article Marketing: The Basics

This is the most basic form of Digital PR. It involves writing catchy and engaging content for your clients, whether it be press releases, articles, how-to pieces, or blog posts. You write this content for them and then try to publish it on interesting and relevant sites. If you want some SEO value, you know you need to insert a link to the webpage of the client and make sure it is optimized to be found by search engines. This part of the job can be both fun and boring, depending on what you are required to write about and what your interests are. Writing ten straight articles on motorcycles if you’re a woman who enjoys travel and fashion, isn’t always the easiest task, and it may require some research on your behalf. Remember that what you offer these sites should be well written and well researched, and should be something people want to read. When you write, imagine this is something that is going to help someone, give them information. Think about titles and subjects people might look for. For example: Top European countries to visit this summer.

Buzzsumo: A Brainstorming Helper

This is a new program I just recently checked out. Having been in the business for a while and having had some clients for about a year now, you tend to run out of things to write about. Sometimes you brainstorm with colleagues and bounce a few ideas off them, but other times, it just doesn’t come to you. Buzzsumo is a great tool to help you discover what other people are writing about in your chosen sector. If you have a travel client, you can see what's trending in the travel industry. Not only does it get the creative juices flowing, but it goes a step further and shows you what kind of content is the most shared on social media in that sector. By getting ideas from this and writing something similar, you can be more confident that your article will be searched or shared on social media as well.

Find what kind of content is trending right now
Find what kind of content is trending right now

Blogger Collaborations

This obviously cannot apply to all clients but it is a great form of digital marketing. You must first ask yourself if the client has a product or service that they can offer the bloggers. If so, speak with your client about a blogger project. If the blogger has a big following and is willing to try a product by your client, write a blog post and share it on their social media, it could be great coverage for your client and a way to drive traffic to their website.

Example of a blogger collaboration with a fashion brand
Example of a blogger collaboration with a fashion brand

Buzzstream: The Perfect Blogger Contact Tool

Not to be confused with Buzzsumo, Buzzstream is a great tool for outreach, but only when you are dealing with blogger collaborations. It is a program you must buy and then install a tab in the upper right hand corner of your computer screen. When you visit a blogger’s site, you click the tab and a drop down window appears with all the info for that site: email, social media URLs, etc. All you do is click save to the correct project, and then you’ve compiled a list of contacts for each project. When you’re ready to do your outreach, you simply click on the contacts and send one mass email to see who is interested in collaborating. After that you’ll receive separate responses from those interested, and your entire string of communication is right there in Buzzstream. No need to go searching for emails in your inbox. I do repeat, however, that this is only really convenient when working with bloggers as it is a job you must stay on top of.

Collect blogger contacts, emails, social media pages and keep track of contact
Collect blogger contacts, emails, social media pages and keep track of contact

Majestic SEO: Not Just for the Tech Guys

When you’re trying to diffuse your client’s brand online, you sometimes have the feeling that the eligible websites to which you can publish will someday “run out.” Always being in search of new sites, you need new methods and new ways of searching. If you have a client in the design industry, you can google “design sites,” but that surely won’t turn up everything out there. There’s this little tool called SEO majestic, which is a great way to check out your client’s competitors and see where their backlinks are coming from. This is useful because now you can use it as your new contact list. Try to mirror the link profile of your competitor by also trying to publish content on that site. If they have published something for your competitor, we know they're open to receiving content and they will be easier to contact and convince. Or sometimes I just use it to find other sites: plug in a main design site and see where all the backlinks are coming. You may just stumble upon a new site you’ve never seen before.

Look at the referring links of a competitor for ideas on where to publish
Look at the referring links of a competitor for ideas on where to publish

If you're just starting out in the world of digital marketing, follow some of these pointers and get yourself some of these tools for a smooth transition and the best way to serve your client.


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