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The Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup: Free Or Not?

Updated on December 12, 2008

Reverse Phone Detective

Reverse Phone Detective, Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup, Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup, whatever you call it, it all does the same thing. This is the Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool that is all over the internet today. The question that everyone wants to know is, "Is it Free?"

Is the reverse phone detective free? That is a good question. Well the answer is yes and no. Yes in the beginning of the service. I say yes in the beginning because at the beginning you are taken to a page that has a box where you can insert a phone number. Any phone number, it doesn't matter with this technology whether the phone number is from a cell phone or a land-line. It works with both. Anyway, you insert a phone number into the box and after the software does it's thing, you are taken to a screen that shows you the original number, the city and state that the number originates from and the time that you performed the search. To get the REAL information, like the owner of the number's name, and his or her street address, here comes the fee.

The fee is minimal, but if you want the detailed information for the number in question, you will have to pay this small fee. The information in question will take the average person days, perhaps weeks to gather on their own. So the question is up to you, " Do you want the info or not? "




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