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The Future Of Intel Processors - Atom Is The Netbook & Handheld Solution

Updated on November 28, 2009

The focus has to remain on devices which are connected to the Internet, whether they are a large desktop computer or a very tiny mobile communication device which can easily be carried around by the user and interfaced with a large variety of consumer electronics products anywhere in the world. The essence of the development of the Intel Atom platform architecture is to fulfill the potentials that exist within these new and evolving markets and to allow Intel Corporation to move down into market segments where they had not previously had any form presence.

It is extremely expensive to produce devices of this sort, especially when the goal is to continuously improve performance, power and reduce the cost to the consumer. However, the expenditures are not limited just to the silicon engineering as the software ecosystem in each of the structures becomes as complex, if not more, than the silicon design. The port of choice has become the Atom microprocessor proposition that brings to this CPU structure a variety of key value components.

The opportunities which currently exist around the exploding volume of sales of netbooks are ones that Intel Corporation has focused on to a great degree. In order to facilitate the growth of the netbook market segment, Intel Corporation has needed to develop an improved applications environment, since these netbook devices are ultra-portable. The netbook users are interested in doing more on their new devices than simply just running traditional legacy applications. Therefore, Intel and Microsoft have collaborated on a strategy of a common operating system to envelop as many of these devices as possible.

What needs to be developed at this time is a strategy of common runtime. With the assistance of Adobe and Microsoft, Intel Corporation has been able to support not only the Windows operating system, but the Moblin ecosystem as well, and are working towards a similar level on cross-manufacturer support on Java FX. The primary goal is to be able to provide the microprocessors which are required to keep netbooks growing exponentially as they have.

However, the Intel Atom microprocessor is also expanding out into a variety of handheld devices and various devices which fit more into the consumer electronics sphere than they do into the personal computing arena. This expansion is going to assist to accelerate the deployment of the Intel Atom microprocessor into as wide a variety of various devices as possible. Atom microprocessors are also expanding into connected devices which are embedded in other devices.

At the most prominent level, every device based on electronics is likely to have a connection to the Internet at some point in its life cycle. Intel has based the Atom architecture on this assumption. At the current time, there are approximately five hundred Atom designs in embedded devices and over two thousand engagements. These Atom utilizations find their applications in everything from security cameras to casino slot machines to hospital rooms. Intel is finding that customers are looking for software reusability and ease of implementation, which is the keystone of these devices.

Continued In The Future Of Intel Processors - In Vehicle Infotainment Everywhere

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