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The Future Of Intel Processors - Computing Expenditures Continue In A Recession

Updated on November 28, 2009

The end of the personal computing market which is going to derive the greatest benefit from SOC technology is not the traditional leader of technological innovation which is the high-end enthusiast / prosumer / gamer segment... which is able to expend significant amounts of money on a new device. The SOC shift is going to benefit the lowest end of the computing universe, with many of these devices selling for as little as $100 in most markets.

The traditional software environment has always, since the dawn of computing over a large scale, been based on the structure of client / server. The computing environment of the next decade will be a multiple client eco-system featuring multiple cloud computing infrastructures. It is the manufacture of these devices and the ability to develop and maintain these immensely complex innovative infrastructures that are able to take advantage of the massive computing potential which exists in the cloud, and that will support the widest variety of clients from the low-end manual mobile device all the way to the top-of-the-line prosumer.

In the last couple of years, Intel Corporation has entered into partnerships, or has acquired outright, several companies in the software arena in order to ameliorate their graphics technology and bring SOC capabilities to the forefront. Intel currently has the third largest program of Independent Software Vendors in the world. More than 2,500 faculty and 140,000 students have been trained in the multi-core technological environment.

The past couple of years have seen an economics global environment suffering through the most severe recession in the over 7 decades. The automotive industry has been hit the worst and the consumer electronics manufacturers have been severely damaged leading to significant curtailment of their research and development expenditures as part of their overall cutback programs. The industry which produces handsets has grown year-on-year since its inception yet in 2009, the final statistics will show that the industry is down by over 5 percent.

In this generally slumping to collapsing global economic market, it is interesting to note that personal computer usage and sales are actually up slightly. That goes to demonstrate that computer technology has now become thoroughly indispensible as it is a basic factor of day-to-day lives in the existence of well over 1 billion people worldwide. Computing device purchases are no longer to be deemed discretionary. They are now fundamental to the activities that the developed countries engage in day after day.

The computing market, barring any serious ongoing economic overall collapse, is poised to take advantage of a significant resurgence in the year 2010. Intel is aware of these economic trends and has been working hard to maintain not only its technological lead but to be able to continue to provide newly developed products to the customer base. In 2009, the entirely new branding nomenclature of Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 was introduced and it is these Core iX products which will form the backbone of Intel's conventional computing products for the foreseeable future.

Continued In The Future Of Intel Processors - Core i3, i5 & i7 Optimized For Windows 7

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