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The Future Of Intel Processors - In Vehicle Infotainment Everywhere

Updated on November 29, 2009

One of the market sectors where Atom has virtually unlimited potential is the market segment of infotainment within a vehicle. The extent of this technology is only at its embryonic stage right now and already it presents a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Intel is working on being an integral part of the provision of information, entertainment and computing capabilities that can only be gained through access to the Internet to a wide variety of mobile infotainment from cars to trucks; even to ships and airplanes. There will be a day in the not too distant future where the access to the internet literally anywhere and at any time in any form of transportation vehicle will be taken as much for granted as the access to music in those vehicles is today.

The market for infotainment systems within a vehicle has been growing. In the past year there has been a seventeen percent increase even though there has been an economic environment which has seen automotive sales be at the greatest depressed levels in a generation.

The past, and to some extent the current, infotainment in vehicle systems have been built around the paradigm of being an island. Each manufacturer has had a tendency to have a proprietary system and that structure allowed them to rebuild from scratch the total base of that system as their technology evolved from generation to generation. However, the majority of manufacturers of this industry have awoken to the realization that a persistent and consistent architecture provides much greater benefits than the constant reinvention of wheel.

One of the factors that a significant number of automobile manufacturers and auto industry suppliers have formed a consortium on is called GENEV, and it is a structure based on the creation of standards of inter-operability across the automotive industry for all aspects of infotainment within the vehicle. There are a number of major manufacturers extremely active in the infotainment in vehicle industry at the current time. One of the major players in this field is Harman Becker Company and it is a corporation which Intel has been collaborating with since 2006.

Harman Becker is one of the leading companies in the infotainment in vehicle arena, as they have developed considerable experience in providing multimedia presentations and infotainment into motor vehicles. Harman Becker has centered their high-performance multimedia devices on the Intel Atom microprocessor. Harman Becker has recently announced that Atom-based systems will be present in 2012 BMW and Daimler cars. Daimler will place these Atom-based devices into their Mercedes-Benz S class and C class series beginning in 2012. Interestingly BMW is in the process of creating a cross-platform Atom-Harman Becker application, which means that it will be available across their entire product line from their lowest BMW 1 series all the way up to the top of their lineup in their 2012 model year and beyond.

Automobile manufacturers are realizing that Atom represents a reusable and highly scalable architecture, which can be integrated into their motor vehicles to provide a high level of technological satisfaction to customers who are interested in infotainment in vehicle systems.

Continued In The Future Of Intel Processors - Menlo, Moorestown & Medfield

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