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The Future of HD Voice

Updated on July 29, 2010

Improvements in HD Voice

VoIP's HD voice features have been talked about a great deal lately. Most people who haven't used VoIP services simply don't understand what the hullabaloo is all about. But those who have used it can't stop singing its praises. It's all about a person not knowing what they're missing.

So what's the future of HD voice? Is it here to stay, and is the support for it going to increase? We'll take a look at some of these questions and try and answer them here.

Support for HD Voice

As of now, one thing is clear. PSTN systems are not going to support HD voice any time soon - if ever. The existing system and infrastructure is way too entrenched. It'll require a mammoth effort to reconfigure the way things work now, and change the codecs and instruments that people have been using for decades on end.

But VoIP doesn't have to deal with this baggage and can blaze new paths. There's no doubt that as more of the world goes online, VoIP is just going to keep growing. Its cost benefits are too seductive to businesses to ignore for long and even in houses across the globe VoIP is being embraced as a cheap way to make international calls.

So as this support increases, so will the facility for HD voice continue to increase as well. The chances of both people in a conversation supporting HD voice improves with each new VoIP user. And so the answer here is clear - HD voice support is just going to keep on growing since enabling HD voice in VoIP is quite an easy matter.

HD Voice in VoIP
HD Voice in VoIP

Growth of the Internet

Internet speeds all across the world are increasing and broadband penetration is rapidly accelerating even in the developing world. This is another factor that's bound to increase the adoption of VoIP and by extension, HD voice. With business getting great deals on VoIP communication systems, Hosted VoIP solutions are here to stay. They're offering more for less. And that's a business strategy that simply can't fail.

Standardization of protocols is another factor that is going to drive HD voice adoption. With most of the world now using the SIP protocol for making VoIP calls, the interoperability that's so important for HD voice is going to keep on growing.

And then of course, there's word of mouth. Once it becomes well known that HD voice provides superior clarity, people are going to want to try it for themselves. The future for HD voice is bright.


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