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The Golden Keys To Obtaining Web Site Linkage

Updated on July 18, 2008

It seems that there is a thriving industry that informs web publishers how to get higher traffic. However, much of the advice is either invalid or is designed to get the reader into buying a "traffic-guaranteed" product or service.

One of the real keys to obtaining high traffic numbers and great linkage is to review, review and review some more. Whatever field you're into, you can be certain that there are constant introductions of new products and services and almost weekly upgrades of the products that are already established on the market. Reviews can be extremely powerful in link building as they have a tendency to get picked up in the "trade press" or its online version of it anyway, leading to some potentially significant amount of linkage. Not only that, you might be able to talk some of the manufacturers into providing you free test samples. I've been trying for months to get Intel to send me ES Nehalems, preferably on a Skulltrail platform. I haven't had any luck, but if you downsize your requests to something a bit more within the reach of mortals, you might be surprised that you'll actually get it!

A really great way to "sneak" your way into some valuable linkage onto some top-quality sites is to be controversial. There is a huge difference between the type of controversy that provokes spirited online debate and the controversy that is performed driven by hatred, intolerance or falsehoods. You should stick to a more or less "technical" form of controversy and then take it to its logical limit. If everyone in your field is doing reviews on new sports cars, then you do one comparing a 2008 Z06 Corvette vs. a 1969 Shelby Cobra. If the old car blows the doors off the new car then you'll find your article being covered on a wide range of media which will all provide extremely valuable links back to your site.

If you are trading in a product or service where you have a supplier or suppliers, it would behoove you to contact them to see if they have a dealer or distributor listing on their website that they can enter you into. The presence on those types of company dealer directories can be very valuable in building up your links.

If you are not already a member of the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce, join them immediately. You will find that the price of admission is quite reasonable and the benefits of featuring their names and links on your website and naturally from their websites to yours, can be of tremendous benefit. The local Chambers also host a wide variety of business networking meetings on a regular basis which you should attend as it is very difficult to do any face to face networking while working on the Web as most of the people you're dealing with may be continents away. This will be your opportunity to have personal chats with some business people in your own community, and the least that can come of those types of contacts is linkage.

Regardless of what industry you're in there has to be some sort of sanctioning or standards body or agency that oversees it. By all means seek out these industry sites and ask about joining them in order to be placed onto their membership lists online. These directories can provide an excellent source of high ranking linkage. Be aware that some of these organizations keep their membership lists secret or password protected, in which case your membership will not have the desired results.

Visitors want to know about the people behind your site and that will help to keep them comfortable and familiar with the personalities on display on the site. If you're running a web site, you should have a Privacy Policy that is clear and concise so that your visitors can feel safe about being on your site. It's also important to feature an About Us which is more than just two sentences about who the principals are and where to reach them. It's hard to believe but many major bloggers have absolutely no way to contact them on their blogs, nor any background information. Make sure you don't make that same mistake.

Getting traffic to your web site, blog or Hub is not rocket science. With a little common sense you can see your numbers skyrocket.


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