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The Help of Sewing Machine

Updated on March 28, 2017

Technology has really made our life so easy:life is not as hard as it was in the past.Indeed, technology has not made only the life of businessmen easy, but also that of ordinary people.

In the past, my father who is an artisan in sewing suffered a lot because he used to sew with his hands using needles and threads.He used to sew Djelabs, Caftans, veils, Fasi trousers, etc. just with his hands, which was a very tiring work.The words may sound strange for you because they are Moroccan.Indeed, those names are part of our traditions, and as a person who loves and cares about his traditions, my father chose to be a sewing artisan.He made clothes with his hands using needles and threads for a long time, and suffered alot, but when sewing machines first appeared in the Moroccan markets, they put an end to his sufferings and to that of so many other artisans like my father.

My father bought his first sewing machine in 2012, and it was really awesome.With the help of that machine, he worked less hours, and made more money.I still remember that before he bought that machine, he always came home so late and so tired.But after he bought it, he started to come back home from work so early and not so tired.

Indeed, technology has really made our life so easy.We should always be thankful to those people who come with new inventions that help people live so easily, and therefore, happily.


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