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The Hunt for Good Speakers for the iPad: Good Luck

Updated on June 22, 2012
Sony iPad speakers
Sony iPad speakers

While the iPad speakers on the unit itself are adequate for most jobs, they certainly can't reproduce the fidelity of a dedicated audio system. Unfortunately, to date the possibilities of external speakers for the iPad are limited at best, and even the select few that work in some fashion lack the capability to charge the unit with its screen turned on. This is highly problematic, as one of the most beloved aspects of the iPod was the functionality of being able to listen to favorite tunes while the unit itself was recharging its battery.

Conventional speakers for the i Pad owners can somewhat solve the dilemma; it is possible to run an auxiliary cable from a stereo system proper and plug it into the headphone jack, freeing the bottom of the unit up so it can be charged in the conventional fashion. Obviously, however, this is not ideal and requires a roundabout way of dealing with the problem. Alternatively, certain docks are capable of connecting with the large iPad, but do not have the energy output to simultaneously play music while the machine's screen is off. If the iPad is set to sleep mode, however, the device will blacken its screen while continuing to play music. In this reduced energy state, the docks can usually recharge the battery, albeit at a snail's pace.

Due to the relative newness of the machine, there are not a tremendous amount (read: none) of music docks developed yet for the unit, however within a short period they will likely find a place in the market. The best iPad speakers will provide quality audio in addition to the ability to charge the unit while it is being engaged by the user. Have no doubt, that in due time prayers will be answered and the iPad music docks will come out by the dozens.


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