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The IPod FM Transmitter: Listen To Your IPod Through Your Car Stereo Speakers

Updated on February 22, 2012

IPod FM Transmitter Without Remote

My PT Cruiser is about as bare bones stock as they come. I was unaware until I bought my car that car manufactures were still installing tape decks in 2003. This does not really bother me because I have an IPod and rarely listen to or use CD's.

Because driving with headphones on can be dangerous, I purchased a IPod FM Transmitter off of Ebay. With the Ipod FM Transmitter, I am able to listen to my Ipod using my car's cigarette lighter and my stereo

How Do I Use Ipod FM Transmitter

The Ipod FM Transmitter has a car cigarette lighter plug. When Plugged in and matching the frequency on the transmitter to the frequency on the radio, you are able to listen to your IPod through your cars stereo. Because most Ipod FM Transmitters are also IPod chargers, you do not have to worry about battery life because it's always charging.

Some IPod FM transmitters come with remotes, whether or not you need a remote depends upon if your car lighter is close to where you can change your IPod while driving. I've never had a problem with buying the cheaper fm transmitter and not having a remote.

IPod FM Transmitter With Remote

What About The Sound Quality

Unless you buy it in the Apple Store, do not expect crystal clear sound from a IPod FM Transmitter.

The generic Ipod FM transmitters sold on Ebay have sound quality that is only somewhat less clear then with that which is sold at Apple but they cost $40 to $60 less then if purchased at an Apple Store, or at It can be liken to the clarity of listening to the radio because you are listening through the radio.

Which One To Buy

The Ipod FM transmitter systems vary but they all pretty much do the same thing and have the same sound quality. I've purchased 2 different ones and have found them to be pretty much the same.My favorite is the style pictured at the top of this page

There are some Ipod FM transmitter systems that have just a small piece that hooks into the IPod and then a cord that goes to the cigarette lighter. I do not recommended these, buy the one with the base that plugs in. This way your IPod is always in site and is not just hanging or laying around somewhere in the car. The cigarette lighter plus stem is adjustable so that you can get it at just the right angle.

Some say they work for the for Ipod, some will say for Nano, etc. Most Ipod FM transmitter systems will fit any Ipod so long as it has the power piece that hooks into the bottom of the IPod. Read the specs and make sure it will work for yours.

FM Transmitter Price?

Because I only have used and recommend Ipod FM Transmitters with the base that hooks into your car cigarette lighter, these are the only prices I am suggesting. These are the final prices after shipping and tax have been included

You should expect to pay between $8 to $18 for Ipod FM Transmitters without remotes.

A Ipod FM Transmitter with a remote will be priced right if between $15 and $30.

If you can get them for cheaper, awesome. If the price is at a bit more, consider it but consider also that there are tons of these listed and you will be able to get one cheaper if you wait.


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    • profile image

      Jamster2759 9 years ago

      I really did enjoy reading your hub, you put some great info in here. I have always wanted to do that, but just didn't want a bunch of wires.. nice!!

    • schanele profile image

      schanele 9 years ago from United States

      I recently purchased the Griffin 9501-TRIPCBL iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod (Black) from Amazon and found it to work pretty well. As you mention, the sound quality is nowhere as good as CDs (and be prepared for periodic static interruption), but it's worth it when you don't have a direct auxiliary plug-in. I paid about $35 for it.