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The Importance of Emulsified Fuel Combustion in a Nut Shell

Updated on December 15, 2015

How do you think fuel emulsification happens? What do you think are the principles of fuels emulsification? Well, theoretically, it sounds extremely complicated but it isn’t. In fact, it is something that most of us have studied at school and forgotten about. So, emulsification is largely when two liquids are immersed into each other. We’ve learnt it as emulsions. Remember now?

Sadly though, fuels aren’t emulsified, they are combusted. Combustion results into atomization of the fuel into droplets of the size of around 200 microns. Unfortunately, the entire liquid isn’t combusted and only the fuel on the surface goes through the procedure. This entire process results in a lot of residue. Here, residue would mean huge deposits of carbon, flue and other matter. Thus, while there is already a shortage of fuel, a lot of fuel isn’t getting used up owing to this procedure. This is not only leading to a shortage of fuel but also letting out polluted gases and other harmful deposit into the environment.

It is necessary that this situation be taken into hands and changed. Emulsification of Heavy Furnace Oil is one way of changing the situation. Yes, it is an extremely advanced procedure. On a basic level, it involves immersing furnace oil with water. It is necessary that the water be proportionate as per the requirement of the final output. This proportion varies between 5% and 20%. It is dependent on the finished product. This entire process of immersing oil into water is known as Fuel Emulsion.

In this case, the water is broken down into droplets of the size of around 10 microns and it gets completely absolved in the oil. This mixture needs to be retained and hence, water is stabilised using surfactant and other materials. For, it is absolutely necessary that the oil and water do not get segregated.

Owing to such procedure, the amount of the following particles is next to nil in HFO –

  • Dirt

  • Sludge

  • Carbon

  • Asphaltenes

  • Wasted water

After the treatment, the water droplets are reduced to a size of 5 microns approximately and the entire solution shines through as one. Thus, emulsified fuel combustion is the need of the day!


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