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The Importance of SEO Services

Updated on August 14, 2013

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of designing your website so that the Google algorithms cause it to appear higher in internet searches

Google algorithms determine where in a search your website will be listed. There are many different factors that come together to make up the list, and your page rank will change depending on the query. The same query in New York will find different results from one in Adelaide. Location is not the only factor, but it is the one that is hardest to change.

The other factors change more easily. These include how regularly your content is updated; a reason many company websites have blogs. The main pages might not change that often but as long as your blog is regularly updated, your content will stay fresh. Your keywords are very important, and your Page rank, which is based on how many websites you link to, how many link to you, and how important those websites are (based on their Page rank).
Search Engine Optimisation is very important to a successful website. There are companies that will do this for you, and charge a lot of money for it, but this is not always the best option. You can do a little freelance search engine optimisation on your own site.
First of all, make sure your site contains a site map; a page linking to all the other pages, and with all the other pages linking back. This makes it easy for the piece of code known as a spider-bot to find all the pages on your website.
Next, find websites that are similar to your own. If they have a blog, you can leave a comment on it. Don’t spam, make sure the comment fits the conversation, and you may find the blog owner returns the favour by commenting on your blog. Try to find a site that is higher than yours in the google searches and link to that. The highest sites may not want to link with you, but those beneath them will also be looking to increase their SEO so may be happy to share links.
Lastly, update your content regularly and use keywords. If you set google analytics up on your website you can find out the most common search terms people are using to find your site. If your website sells fridge freezers and the most common search term is polar bear, you know you have a problem. Think of a few keywords that describe what your site is, and what you do, and fit them into your content.
Continue to use Google Analytics to watch your site. It will tell you if your search terms change as well as how many visitors you get and whether those visitors come through links or internet searches.

SEO Services London

Freelance SEO means being a free agent, as in far as being a regular provider of SEO services. As we all know, SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and being a freelance SEO services provider means that you can sell a whole lot of different services that people need from a broad SEO perspective. SEO caters to getting a business out there, as far as search engine page rankings go, and when someone provides this kind of freelance services in particular. These specific freelance SEO services include writing content that is keyword specific and is unique for each business that requires SEO services.

SEO promotes the visibility of webpages among search engine results, and the higher a page or site ranks on these results, the more visitors it is likely to receive from searchers. The SEO service provider is proficient at selecting the choicest keywords and phrases to achieve this end.

The use of search engine optimisation began in the 1990s when the search engines were beginning to make their mark on the web, and the term was first used by John Audette's Multimedia Marketing Group in 1997.

Where once it was sufficient to stuff articles with keywords; nowadays the art of SEO is a lot more complex, as search engines change systems and algorithms constantly. Google for instance announced at the end of 2009 that they would begin to utilise users'web search history when ranking search results.
SEO techniques are classified as either white hat or black hat SEO, with white signifying those that are genuinely trying to improve their pages and rankings over a long period, while black hat SEO refers to those that try to make a quick killing, knowing that eventually they will be banned and have to begin again.

Writing content that is optimized for the internet is just one aspect of what defines SEO, as there are many various sides to SEO as a rule. Nonetheless, when you do freelance SEO in general, it does mean to have the overall SEO marketing ability to accommodate numerous things that go along with SEO as a whole.
Being a freelance SEO is more than just being a free agent who is available for SEO, it also extends to doing what you want to do, and provide what you want to provide from a valid marketing stance where SEO is the sole force and is involved mainly.

What makes a freelance SEO a true professional is the kind of diversified work they do. It is this work that makes them special, as this work is very unique and specific in its content, but the most important thing is that they provide business owners and individuals with any service that they could need to succeed. These services can range as broad in description as they do in number, and sometimes the number could be anything from one to tens or hundreds.

These unique SEO services London has to offer will provide a website owner or writer with the tools they need to succeed.


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