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The Insert Tab of Microsoft Excel 2007

Updated on March 13, 2017
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The Insert Tab of Microsoft Excel 2007

Using the Insert Menu

The insert menu of Excel 2007 is useful in inserting various objects into your Excel document. It has commands for inserting tables, pictures, shapes, smart art, and clip art among others to your worksheet. It has got five groups that have been discussed here in details. If you are unsure what the function of a feature is, hover the cursor over the button (in Excel) to see a pop-up box explaining the feature. If you want to collapse the ribbon so that none of the buttons are displayed, double-click the name of the tab.

The Insert Tab of Excel 2007

The Insert Tab of Excel 2007
The Insert Tab of Excel 2007 | Source

Tables Group

Working With the Table Group Option

We use this option to insert the dynamic table, Pivot table and recommended table.

Pivot Table – use this command to insert a pivot table. A pivot table makes it easy to arrange and summarize complicated data making it easy to work with. You can also insert a pivot chart using the drop down button.

Table – this command creates a table which then can be used to manage and analyze related data. Tables make it easy to sort, filter, and format data within a sheet. This option is also having recommended table that means on the basis of data, we can just insert the table as per the Excel’s recommendation.

Illustrations Group

What You Can Insert Using Illustrations Group

Picture – use this command to insert a picture from a file to your worksheet.

Clip Art – this tool is for inserting clip-arts, drawings, movies, sounds and stock photography to illustrate a specific concept.

Shapes – use this to insert ready-made shapes for instance arrows, lines, equation shapes, rectangles and circles, flow chart symbols and callouts.

SmartArt – this command inserts a smart art graphic to visually communicate information. You can make use of graphical lists, process diagrams, complex graphics, and much more.

The Charts Group

Working With Charts in Excel

The charts group is very useful for inserting different types of charts. These are the chart types you can insert; column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter chart, or choose from other charts options.

Column - Insert a column chart. Column charts are used to compare values across categories. If chart data is selected, or the cursor is in or adjacent to the data, pressing F11 automatically creates a column chart.

Line - Insert a line chart. Line charts are used to display trends over time.

Pie - Insert a pie chart. Pie charts display the contribution of each value to a total. Use a pie chart when values can be added together or when you have only one data series and all values are positive.

Bar - Insert a bar chart. Bar charts are the best chart type for comparing multiple values.

Area - Insert an area chart. Area charts emphasize differences between several sets of data over a period of time.

Scatter chart - Insert a Scatter chart, also known as an X-Y chart. This type of chart compares pairs of values. Use a Scatter chart when the values being charted are not in X-axis order or when they represent separate measurements.

Or choose from other charts options - where you will be able to insert a stock, surface, doughnut, bubble, or radar chart.

Links Group

Hyperlink – use this tool to create a link to a web page, a picture, a file, an email address, or another program.

Charts Option in Excel

Different types of charts that you can choose from
Different types of charts that you can choose from | Source

The Text Group

Header and Footer Option in Excel

Text Box – use this command to insert a text box that can be placed anywhere on the worksheet. Then you can type anything you want inside the text box.

Header and footer – use this option to edit the header or footer of the document. The header appears at the top of the document whereas the footer appears at the bottom of the document.

WordArt – this tool helps you to insert decorative text to your document.

Signature Line – this command inserts a signature line that specifies the individual who must sign the document.

Object – this inserts an embedded object for instance video clip, wave sound, package, among others.

Symbol – this is the tool you need to insert the characters that are not on your keyboard such as copyright symbol, trademark symbol, paragraph marks, and Unicode characters.

The Ribbon (Home, Insert, Page Layout & Formula Tabs) Review

Excel Charts

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