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The Internet gives the Silent Majority a Voice beyond Politics or Religion.

Updated on March 19, 2012

Hello World! Can You Hear Us?

Plug into the internet anytime anywhere: The Internet is without doubt one of the most powerful tools available today. The younger generation has never known a world without it. Older users remember how it evolved from a cumbersome machine that resembled a typewriter and calculator combined. These early machines had very little memory and relied on floppy disks and other inputs to function.adequately Few people used them outside of the workplace except for the novelty value of basic computer games like pacman & mario style fun. Who would have imagined they would be changed into the sleek slim mini devices of today that fit into your pocket.

Within the last couple of decades, the computer and internet have transformed every facet of our lives. We are all aware of how dependent we have become on the internet for almost everything we do at work and at home. The distinction between home and office has blurred to the extent that many now work from a home office. Large companies can reduce overheads by transferring workers from expensive inner city office blocks to the comparative comfort of their own homes. This has added real flexibilty for many employees, particularly parents with young children. Expensive commuting and nursery care drastically reduced.

World Internet - Global Village
World Internet - Global Village

Life on Clouds in Cyberspace:

With the advent of mini portable computers, the availbility of the internet, we are now able to get plugged in through smartphones and a myriad of apps. Infact, life has been taken over by the internet and we spend ever more time on different clouds in cyberspace. The world has truly shrunk to a global village where we can chat and do business across most parts of the planet from the gadget in our pockets. Advances in technology, nano technology and relaated fields is totally amazing. Personally, I become uncomfortable to see such a wide divide between the haves and the have nots. It seems shameful that millions of people are still existing without the basics of life like clean water, food & shelter, whilst others are spending comparative fortunes on the latest games and gadgetry for fun. It would give me great pleasure if there were places where we could donate or old stuff so it could be passed along to help poor people join in with the benefits of internet technology. Even a cell phone in a remote village becomes a tool and a lifeline to that community.

Utopia for some remains a distant goal
Utopia for some remains a distant goal

The silent majority find their voice:

The Internet has become the voice of the silent majority. Unfortunately all is not well with the world today. Various events have revealed that there is much corruption and dirty tricks being conducted by governments around the world. Certain decisions being made privately are against the common good.

A small cartel of the rich and powerful control ever more of the world’s wealth and resources. They have many politicians in their pockets and force through legislation which is harmful to the planet and the population. Lately, these scandals have been revealed through certain leaks which expose the less than noble standards of international diplomacy. A handful of monopolies control the world and its resources. Food production and prices are being dictated by the decisions of the multinational traders rather than the food producers themselves. Since the economic meltdown brought on by the collapse of the banking sytems in USA and Europe, we are now suffering the results.

Sorry to say that our very universal human rights, free speech and democratic systems of government are all at risk. Whoever pretends otherwise is being foolish. Whoever we elect into government it will only result in more of the same. The voters go through the rites and rituals of democratic elections that cost billions of dollars which results in more of the same. The whole sytem of governance has become so corrupted and unwieldy that it is no longer fit for purpose.

Just lately, the 99% have discovered that protests and petitions organized online are finally having an effect on the 1% who have ignored the the needs of masses. We need to be vigilante and make use of this new found social media to keep informed of what is happening everywhere not just in our own backyards. We must guard against various government attempts to control the internet under any guise. The internet is not owned by any one country or government. It has become what it is by being free and available to one and all. The internet is not perfect and there are people who will abuse it no matter what controls are introduced. Yet it has evolved because people have been free to be creative and imaginative. Once it is allowed to be subject to government controls, the chances for it to develop will be seriously restricted. Criminal activity needs to be prosecuted, privacy and personal information need to be protected, yet freedom of speech must not be affected.

Do you support or oppose a free internet?

Do you support online protests?

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    • christollesseb profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK ME ASIA


      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Cheers, Christo.

    • megni profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting hub. Tnanks for sharing,

    • christollesseb profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK ME ASIA

      Dear Dee aka Nonna,

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

      It is a pleasure to meet you and surely a kindred spirit, I shall look forward to reading your hubs too, Ciao for now, Christo.

    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 

      6 years ago

      You are so right....a great many of the things we cherish are at risk. For the most part people are, hiding their heads in the sand, trying not to think about it. The internet gave us a voice...a big voice and I like having a voice. Very good....voted up.


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