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The Intricacies of the Dark Web

Updated on June 13, 2017

What is the Dark Web?

(Before the start of this article I would like to say I do not condone any activities mentioned throughout.) The dark web is the underbelly of the internet beast. Granting its users access to a variety of different illegal activities, it can be a scary and very dangerous tool. On the dark web users can simply be purchasing an illegal copy of the latest movie, software, or game, or, they can be using the power that comes with the dark web in a much, much more sinister way. Anything from hiring hitmen, paying for child pornography, or paying to see murders take place, the dark web can be used for horrendous activities. While the reality of these activities and "services" are debated by the non dark web users, many dark web veterans will tell you that they are very, very real.

First: How is the dark web used?

Dark web users use bitcoins for anonymous payments to purchase the services they want without fear of being tracked by the FBI or any other government agency. The only way for users to access the dark web is to download a special browser that allows them into the 96% of the internet that is not accessible by traditional browsers like Google, Bing, and Firefox. I'll leave it to you to find the exact browsers, but I do NOT recommend using the dark web because if you are not extra careful and don't take ALL of the extra precautions, you can be tracked and possibly harmed by someone from the dark web.

What are some of the minor services that users purchase from the dark web?

Not all services on the dark web are as major or as sinister as "red rooms" or hitman services. The majority of services on the dark web are as minor as buying the newest video game. Many users go to the dark web to buy video games, movies, software, and even hardware like game consoles for a hugely discounted price. Of course, the things you are buying have most likely been stolen, but for some users it doesn't matter.

What are some intermediate services bought on the dark web?

Intermediate on this sense would be drugs, guns, counterfeit money, etc. Anything that can give you a nice 10-20 year prison sentence would be listed here. Guns can be purchased for around the same amount they would usually cost, if not more. You may think that logically, a user could just go purchase a legal gun then and not worry with the risk behind being caught. However, many users that purchase this service are already criminals or they are planning something that they can leave no record of themselves if the gun is found by police. So, basically, if the gun was found, there would be no registered name. Other users simply want to buy drugs from the dark web, where it is extremely easy. No longer do they have to patrol around town trying to find their guy, they can just sit back and wait for the shipment. Another major use for the dark web, especially recently, has been the purchase and sell of US citizenship. With a few clicks and a bit of money, you can instantly become a US citizen. Other users buy counterfeit money, for less than it is "worth". So a $50 bill would go for $25 in bitcoins. They can easily turn a profit, that is, unless the clerk at the gas station decides to check if it's real first!

Extreme and horrid dark web services.

These are the services that are absolutely immoral and disgusting. Ranging anywhere from live murders and torture in things called "red rooms" to the ability to hire a hitman and place a bounty on someone's life. These services are the most illegal and are what the FBI looks for when patrolling the dark web. Many users are never caught however, as it is very hard to bypass a proxy or VPN that hides the user's true IP address.

What are "red rooms"?

Red rooms have been described by users of the dark web as a live stream, or broadcast, where you can watch and participate in a live torture or murder. Viewers pay to enter and control the "show". Viewers control the show based on who pays the most. The reality of red rooms are debated, with many dark web users saying they have never seen any, while others say they just haven't looked hard for them. A prime example of why the deep web is a dangerous and horrible place to venture into and why you should seriously reconsider doing so, if you are debating it.

Precautions to Accessing the Dark Web

Do Not Access the Dark Web

The dark web is a horrible and scary place. The access and use is not recommended. It can be very dangerous if you are accessing it for the first time, and you may even wind up having a stalker in your window. If you won't heed my warnings then proceed at your own risk, and please take all precautions recommended.


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