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Should I Buy An Ipad - Apple Ipad Review

Updated on February 22, 2011

Apple iPad Tablet Review

Many people as "Should I buy an iPad"? Have you read an Apple Ipad review? Well, it's been around for less than a year and the new Ipad Tablet made by Apple has already broken sales records. Apple has sold over 10 million Ipads in the nine months that it has been around. An even newer Ipad will most likely be announced in the next few months. But the following Apple Ipad Review and information is for those who are current owners of Ipad Tablets.

The finger touch interface on the Ipad Tablet, in some respects, copies theApple iPod Touch and the Apple iPhone also made by Apple. Thats why it is referred to as an iPod Touch on steroids. The tablet has a 9.7 inch screen and uses the same touch screen technology and operating system as the Apple iPhone Touch. Most, if not all of the same Apps will run fine on IPads. Apple kind of took the features from the iphone and the iPod touch and created a bigger category, the touch tablet.

There are plenty of things that the iPad can do. With the Apps that are included, it acts as an iPod with music, movies, TV shows and Podcasts. You also have mail, photos, YouTube, ITunes, Maps, Notes, Contacts, Calendar,App Store and Game center. Browsing the web with Safari is also possible. In addition, it has GPS capabilities.

Ipad Game - Bejeweled

ipad Game Bejeweled
ipad Game Bejeweled

iPad Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of Apps available for the iPad. They can be obtained from the App Store on your tablet or through iTunes on your computer. Some of the best Apps for the iPad covereverything from cooking to childcare to news and weather to GPS navigation, To Games, the biggest one of all.

For those of you who use your computer alot, the iPad will not replace it but can stand in for it as it is equipped with a version of Office Suite including Pages(word processor/desktop publisher), Numbers(spreadsheet), and Keynote(presentation by powerpoint). Apps for these cost $9.99 each. They are called iWorks for the iPad.

Music lovers may like iPads Apps such as Pandora Radio, Evernote, iHeartradio, while avid readers may think Goodreader, iBooks, USA Today, and Freebooks are essential Apps. Also availabe are Google Earth, ABC Player, Netflix and IMDb Movies & TV.

Ipad Video

iPad Games

Among the most popular Apps are the games. If you want to kill time riding in a car or waiting for something you may find its time to play a good game. Most popular iPad games include:

Plants vs Zombies, Field Runners, We Rule, Scrabble, Angry Birds HD, Flight Control HD, Real Racing HD,

Need For Speed Shift, Pinball HD, Infinity Blade, MAdden NFL Football 10 for iPad, N.O.V.A.,

Spite and Malice, Bejeweled, Monopoly HD, and Godfinger.

Apple also offers a Mobile Me Account subscription which allows users to synchronize and share data. If you change something on your iPad(contact, calendar, bookmark etc) it will automatically change it on your other devices. Cost id $99 a year.

Other features of the iPad tablet are that you can connect your digital camera to it to get your photos either by usb or memory card. You can connect the tablet to a computer monitor. An iPod Dock can be purchased so that you can enter text.

the working iPad can be created and be a very productive tool by using all these different kind of Apps with prices ranging from Free to about $10.00. Several of them are only a couple bucks. Its the iPad Tablet and when the question comes up "should I buy an iPad?", the answer is most definitely - YES.


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    • profile image

      rajan rishi 6 years ago

      hi!i love the ipad and would love to get one! thanks for this... :)

    • iPad2review profile image

      iPad2review 6 years ago

      Awesome hub! Great list of iPad accessories. Thanks for posting!