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Amazon Kindle Fire 4G Wireless Reading Device-A Review

Updated on July 5, 2013

First 3G and now 4G Kindles

E-Readers are so popular this year, on everybody's Holiday list. Of the brands on the market, the latest generation of Amazon's Kindle products, Kindle 3G Wireless, has the best quality and price for the features. Reading using the e-book method has become widely popular and the Amazon Kindle has long been one of the most popular devices used to read a book. Now Amazon has made a good thing even better with the most amazing of all the e-book reading devices available on the market...the all-new Amazon Kindle 4G Wireless Reading Device. With the Kindle e-book reading device, access to whatever reading desired is fast and easy, saving trips to the library or bookstore. You can curl up, sit down, or stand and entertain or educate yourself by playing a game or reading an e-book.

Accolades and Reviews

According to

  • The Kindle continues to be their best selling product for two years in a row, with 5 star reviews
  • Is the item on most wish lists and the most gifted item

" Simply put, it's the best dedicated ebook reader you can buy… Amazon has managed to increase the contrast on the Kindle in a way that sets it above the Nook, Sony Readers, or any other dedicated ebook reader we've tested." PC Magazine

The most important opinion to me, of course, is my own. I would say I give a 10 star review to Amazon's Kindle! It is so versatile and handy to have along at all times. I would recommend it highly.  With Amazon's free shipping and Kindle accessories, it is the best deal going.

Slim new design compared to a pencil
Slim new design compared to a pencil

Features of Kindle Fire 4G

  • Smaller and more comfortable: Weighs only 14.6 ounces-less than a paperback book with only a .45" profile to fit your hands perfectly. This allows long periods of reading time to be comfortable and you can use one hand with the page turning buttons located on both sides.
  • Screen Contrast is 50% better with the all-new, High-Contrast E Ink Screen giving you text that is clearer, with crisper and darker font.
  • Storage space includes 8GB internal memory along with the availability of "cloud storage" for all Amazon products.
  • One Month Battery Life in a single charge with wireless off, 10 days battery life with wireless on constantly.
  • Wi-Fi built in-allowing you to connect at popular Wi-Fi hotspots
  • FREE Global 4G Wireless with no annual contracts or monthly payments, download anytime or anywhere.
  • Enhanced PDF Reader – With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights
  • The back is textured and has a soft-touch feel and unlike a tablet or laptop, never gets hot for as long as you wish to read.

Other Standard Kindle Features

  • No Glare unlike a traditional LCD screen-Allows for bright sunlight reading just like a traditional book
  • Capability of reading out loud to you-an experimental project Amazon is working on perfecting.
  • Over 550,000 of the 700,000 total available books cost $9.99 or less to download including Best Sellers
  • Easy to Use- ready out of the package with no setup, software to install, and no computer required.
  • USB Chargeable- comes with a U.S. power adapter and micro-USB cable for charging capabilities.
  • Archive is a worry free process-Amazon automatically keeps copies of your Kindle e-books, so delete them but rest assured you can re download them for free anytime.
  • Screen can be rotated allowing portrait or landscape to view anything from graphs to maps.

A great gift year round

With life being so busy, many of us on the go, reading a book isn't as convenient as it used to be. Anyone, from parents waiting to pickup their children at an event to adults waiting in busy airports, the Kindle makes reading convenient and comfortable.

For birthday and graduation gifts, The Kindle Fire, a 4G Wireless Reading Device is perfect, it is a gift that keeps on giving, entertaining, and educating.


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