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The MUST read books for every Computer Geek

Updated on January 3, 2014

If you're crazy about Computer Technology...

Are you a Computer Enthusiast? You want to find out how they actually work? Are you interested in the real deal? Not just clicking stuff here and there, visiting search engines and social networking websites, you want to actually learn about the complex algorithms and programmings behind the pretty stuff? You're a Computer Science/Information Technology Major? Then you NEED to read these books, as they will quench your thirst for computer-related knowledge like no other.

It has been tried here to bring the list down to 10. You should realize there are of-course many more awesome books out there and it's not possible to list them all. But the ones mentioned here are definitely worth your time (These are not in any order/rank).

1. Computer Networks - Andrew S. Tanenbaum

A book making networking easy.
A book making networking easy.

Covers almost every aspect of networking in detail. It progresses in a very systematic manner to unfold all the concepts related to the 7 layers of the OSI and much more. 

2. Operating System Concepts - Silberschatz, Galvin

An awesome book on how OS functions
An awesome book on how OS functions

A great book on concurrency, synchronization, deadlock, Processes, threads and Inter-process communication, CPU scheduling, Memory management, File systems etc in an OS.

3. Principles of Compiler Design - Aho , Ullman, Lam, Sethi

Beautifully written book on a complex subject of compilers. If you have trouble understanding Parsing, Code Optimization, Code Generation and all, I will definitely suggest you this book.

4. Digital Logic and Computer Design

Logic functions, Minimization, Design and synthesis of Combinational and Sequential circuits, all explained in this book.

5. Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition - Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein

Introduction to Algorithms used in various kinds of languages. Good if you want to 'think' computer.

6. Code Complete 2: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction - Steve McConnell

The book’s focus is on writing better code. McConnell addresses a wide variety of topics including managing complexity, re-factoring, coding style, and writing good comments. A must read for every programmer who is serious about writing some good code.

7. Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation - John C Martin

This book is an introduction for undergraduates to the theory of computation. It emphasizes formal languages,automata and abstract models of computation,and computability. It also includes an introduction to computational complexity and NP-completeness.

8. The Mythical Man Month - Frederick P. Brooks

This book is an All Time Classic. First published in 1975. Technology has changed a lot since then, but the human aspect of the software industry still is the same. It describes many commonly occurring problems in large and mid-scale development projects and breaks them down.

9. Hacking Exposed: 5th Edition - Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray, George Kurtz

Having sold millions of copies throughout the world, the book is the number one best-selling computer security book. It's for those of you who want to delve deep into the 'Hacking and Security' aspect of computers.

10. The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses - Mark Lugwig

Ok, Ok, It's not a MUST read for EVERY computer geek. It goes very deep in a very specific topic of computer viruses. But I assure you this book is worth reading. I tried to read this during my 10th grade with a little experience of programming, I couldn't understand much of the assembly language. But the book fascinated me. I picked it up again after 4 years (when I was in a position to understand it better) and loved it. Mark Ludwig takes you into a deep dirty world of computer viruses. If you're a virii coder you've got to read this.

End Note

I hope you'll try some of these books. I know I've left many good books but can't include everything in a 10 book list. I would greatly appreciate comments on:

1. Any book you'd like to add

2. Positive/Negative feedback about this page/topic


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    • profile image

      bfilipek 4 years ago

      Good list, I would also add "The Passionate Programmer", by Chad Fowler - it is about career management and finding fun in your work.

    • profile image

      Tentang Komputer 6 years ago

      Wow a very good material. Another material can be downloaded here

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 7 years ago from The Information SuperHighway

      Thanks Chayan, I have included all the Top Standard books read worldwide, in this list. I'll create another list of 'Offbeat' books for computer geeks soon. I guess that's what you're looking for.

      Yes, 'The Giant black book' is also great but in this list I've tried to include only one book of a type, since I already included 'litte black book' I left out the giant one.

      Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Chayan 7 years ago

      Good list, but most of them are studied in b.e courses. I, being a student would have loved a list of books outside the syllabus. I agree on your views about The little black book, it's really great. You could include "The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses",which is the third book in this series and concentrates more on the application part of viruses.

    • |Pranshu| profile image

      Intellikid 7 years ago from The Information SuperHighway


      Thanks :)

    • Petstrel profile image

      Petstrel 7 years ago from Slovenia

      Great first hub. Welcome ;)