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The New Samsung's ST50, Ultra-Slim Digital Camera

Updated on September 2, 2010

The Samsung ST50, is a thin 12.2 mega-pixel digital camera. Just 16.6mm thick (not including the lens), the ST50 is a nice pocket sized digital camera. 

The Samsung ST50 was honored as the "Ultra-Slim Digital Camera" at the 2009 CES Innovation Award. It has a large 2.7 inch LCD screen for framing shots and seeing photos and videos. It also comes with high quality lens up to 3x optical zoom. 

With the  new Smart Auto feature, the ST50 is really user friendly . In Smart Auto mode, the ST50 will auto choose one of ST50's 11 scene modes which best fits the surroundings the user may be shooting in. 

The ST50 also uses Samsung’s proprietary Smart Album software, that lets users to find photos  easily. Users could lookup based on date, file type, photo, video or voice memo and also the overall colour tone.

Additional Features.

  • Face Detection - could knows up to nine faces in a frame and adjusts camera settings to improve  picture quality
  • Smile Shot - takes a pic when the ST50 recognizes a smile. 
  • If Blink Detection is engaged, the ST50 will automatically capture 2 consecutive shots when the shutter button is fully pressed down, and a 3 shot will be taken if the camera finds that a subject’s eyes are closed. 
  • The Beauty Shot mode is a unique option that automatically touches up imperfectnesses like blemishes and dark spots on a subject’s face to better skin tones. Lensmen can control the level of touching up to any photo. 

The new ST50 also has MPEG-4 video recording capability, users could take video at a max resolution of 800x592 (SVGA) at 20fps and use 3x optical zoom for added versatility. 

The retail price of the Samsung ST50 in Malaysia is about  RM1,099 *. 

ST50 - Specifications

  • Mega-Pixels - 12.2 mega-pixels
  • Optical Zoom - 3x optical zoom
  • LCD Size - 2.7” TFT-LCD (230k pixels)
  • ISO - Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,600, 3,200 (At 3M Size)
  • Movie Mode - MPEG4 / SVGA (800x592 @ 20fps)
  • Size - 94.2mm W x 55.7mm H x 16.6mm D (excluding the lens)

Special Features

  • Smart Auto
  • Smart Album
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • Face Detection
  • Smile Shot
  • Blink Detection 
  • MPEG4 Video at SVGA resolution

* Specs & Price are subject to change without notice. 

Samsung's ST50 Digital Camera

Large LCD Screen
Large LCD Screen
Top View
Top View


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