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The New iPhone 5S Features and Release Date. Was I right?

Updated on April 3, 2014

Was my Hub right?

So, a while back before the iphone 5s was released I published this Hub. How many of these these points I made were correct? It is strange what rumors are out there about a product before it's released. What features did you think the iphone 5s were going to have but were let down when it was just a rumor? Please share your experiences in the comment section at the end of this Hub. Thanks for your participation!

iPhone 5S release date September 10, 2013

The new iPhone 5S is rumored to be released on September 10, 2013. Hopefully this long awaited release of the latest version of the iPhone will be delivered to us without anymore set backs. Continue reading if you would like to learn about some new features that are rumored to be included in the iPhone 5S.

Gold iPhone 5S

The New iPhone 5S could possible look like this.
The New iPhone 5S could possible look like this. | Source

1) New Gold Color Available

Rumor has it that Apple will release the iPhone 5S with a new color option. The new color released will be gold. For those of you that are getting tired of the traditional white or black option this is a welcome addition. You can always change the appearance of your iPhone with a colorful protective case and the new gold color with provide you with even more color schemes to experiment with.

IGZO Screen

New IGZO Screen
New IGZO Screen | Source

2) IGZO Screen

It is also rumored that the iPhone 5S will be equipped with a new IGZO enhanced screen. IGZO is an acronym for indium gallium zinc oxide. This new screen would require less energy by using a higher pixel density which enhances battery life. The IGZO screen enhances the display's brightness by letting more light in through the back with the help of thin-film transistors. The number of backlit LEDs used to produce this screen will be reduced resulting in lower production costs.

NFC Technology

The new iPhone 5S may be equipped with NFC technology.
The new iPhone 5S may be equipped with NFC technology. | Source

3) NFC

Another new rumored feature of the iPhone 5S is the Near-Field Communication, or NFC for short. NFC allows users to exchange information wirelessly over a very short distance. This comes in handy when paying for an item through checkout. The speed up of communication through short distances makes the iPhone 5S a viable electronic payment tool.

12 Mega-pixel Camera with Faster Lends

The new iPhone 5S is rumored to have an improved camera.
The new iPhone 5S is rumored to have an improved camera. | Source

4) Improved Camera

It is rumored that the new iPhone 5S camera will come equipped with a 12 mega-pixel camera. This will come as a nice surprised if you were disappointment in the lack of improvement with the iPhone 4S camera. It is also rumored that the camera will come with a faster lens which will improve low light performance.

New Chip for the iPhone 5S

New Chip and Improved Ram
New Chip and Improved Ram | Source

5) Quad-core GPU with improved RAM

The new iPhone 5S may contain an improved 1.5 Ghz CPU as well as a quad core chip. The new chip that may be used is the PowerVR SGX544MP4 chip. To complement this improvement, RAM has also been enhanced to 2GB, which is a welcome improvement compared to the 1GB RAM of the iPhone 5.

Finger Print Sensor built into the Home Button


6) Finger Print Sensor

The addition of a finger print sensor is one of the new features for the iPhone 5S that I think is the most interesting. Although it will not have that many functions at first, this new finger print sensor will be useful. It is most likely that this sensor will be used mainly in place of the current security feature. If you are sick of the current pin code security option, this finger print ID feature will be a welcome improvement.

iPhone 5S

Hopefully the new iPhone 5S will be released on September 10, 2013 as promised. This long awaited release will be a vast improvement to the iPhone family.

iPhone 5S video

iPhone 5S Poll

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