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The Next 9 Winners of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards

Updated on December 23, 2011

Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Winners, Part 2

Yesterday, I published a hub about the winners of the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards. I provided a brief description as well as photos of the logos on each hub. However, due to the number of winners (there were 26), I could not possibly include all the winners in just one hub, otherwise, it will be a very long hub.

So here’s the second installment of the 2011 winners of the Philippine Blog Awards. Once again I included only 9 winners. These blogs vary in topics, from food and beverage, to business, to entertainment, to hobbies and recreation and finally, to society, history and political topics. One category, however, is not about the content, but about the design of the blog.

So without much further ado, here are the next 9 winners of the2011 Philippine Blog Awards.


Best Food and Beverage Blog – Rated Ralph

As the award name implies, this is a blog about food and recipes. But it is actually more than that. The owner of this blog is a former news correspondent who decided that his passion lies elsewhere. He was a certified foodie when he was still young and he decided to write about this passion of his. He writes not only about food and recipes, but also his food trips, his thoughts as a foodie and his random thoughts. Oh and check out his food photos, they really look appetizing.

Best Blog Design - Markable Me

Markable Me has a very unique design. This is actually only one of the four blogs owned and maintained by Mark Glenn Cabrera. The design of the blog is really interesting, the background cool to the eyes and the photos are a mix of cartoons and real life photos. And the contents? Really interesting ones.

Best Business Blog – Ready to be Rich

This blog was started by Fitz Villafuerte in 2007. His blogs are all about business, investments and finance. He hopes that his blog posts will be an inspiration for his readers to strive towards financial freedom.


Best Filipiniana Blog – Live in the Philippines

This is a web magazine – type blog. This blog is quite interesting in that it is not owned by a Filipino (unlike most of the blogs in the list of winners). It is owned and maintained mostly by foreigners who had been in and out of the Philippines or who are now living in the Philippines and a Filipina, who is the wife of one of the foreigner – columnist. The posts / blogs / articles are all about living and doing business in the Philippines.

Best Entertainment Blog – Without Wang2

This blog has a very interesting name. Wang (2x) or wang – wang is actually a local term for car siren and, unless it is an emergency, it can be an annoying sound to hear. In this blog’s case, the owner’s family name is actually Wang and his high school classmates made fun of his surname by calling him wang – wang so he thought it fitting to use the nickname given to him during this time. So what are his topics? Of course, Philippine entertainment but it doesn’t stop there. He also blogs or writes about culture and arts and current events.

Best Hobbies and Recreation Blog –

Kuhol is certainly the last word I would expect somebody to call a blog that has cars as one of its main topics. Kuhol is actually the Filipino term for snail (so you get the irony here?). But then again one of the blog’s advocacies is to support the Philippine government in its thrust to lower or reduce accidents caused by vehicles or what it called “keeping it slow”. So in this sense, the name makes sense. The blog’s topics are not limited to cars but also to road safety, competitions involving cars, communities and the culture of the society that helps shapes the vehicles that the society’s members use.

One of the Videos from the Krimmy Couple

Best Gaming Blog – The Otaku Fridge

This blog was formally a network of anime – gaming related sites. The site was re – designed and re – arranged to what it is now. Topics include anime, manga, video games, soundtracks, spotlight, etc. The site is open to other people who want to submit a review of any game, subject to the review and approval of the blog’s editors and existing contributors.

Best Videocast and Podcast – Krimmy Couple

This blog is maintained by a Filipina, who happens to have a Korean boyfriend. She decided to create this blog to chronicle their time together. Interestingly, she’s a KPop (Korean pop music) fan and she met her Korean boyfriend in one KPop event. The blog looks very interesting and has many humorous photos (and videos, as well).

Best Videocast and Podcast Blog – Brink Notes

This blog is actually a podcasting network founded in 2005 by Jeric Pena. It is based in Manila, Philippines. The aim of this blog is to produce broadcast – quality, informative and entertaining shows. The topics are education, health and lifestyle, religion and entertainment.

So there you have it, Part 2 of the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 winners. Please stay tuned for the last hub of this series. Until then, thank you for reading my hub.


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