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The Perks of Using a Simple and Inexpensive Phone

Updated on November 12, 2011

Sometimes, you don't need to be too high tech.

I would like to start this off by saying that I did not choose on purpose to use a simple low-tech phone. It just so happened that the one I had before was suddenly stolen from my pocket. Yeah. I learned my lesson to keep my valuables in my bag instead - and make sure it's securely attached to me. So what is this phone that I am raving about. Well, it's none other than an Alcatel 255-D. It comes in three different colors: Blue, Red, and Gray. Red was the only one available at the store the day my Samsung Chat was stolen. It's been more than a month already that I have had this phone, and though I am itching to have it changed with a better one, I must say that the itch is starting mellow, and I might end sup settling for this piece of gadget.

One thing I have learned with my use of phones is that QWERTY keypad is the one for me. The alphanumeric one tends to be annoying because of the thought of having to press a single button a lot of times to get to c, f, z, and whatnot. This Alcatel phone is a QWERTY one so I'm good with it. And yeah, I also prefer real keypads rather than touch since it's easier to write a message especially when you need to glance at something else.

Another thing I realized is that if there are less features on your phone, you would have time for some other stuff. Although there is this convenience with using smartphones to plan your day ahead, sometimes it ends up making you too dependent on them. I simply use this phone to communicate, set the alarm sometimes, and very occasionally, to write down some notes. I must admit I miss the dictionary feature in most phones. Anyway, at least I'm being less dependent on it.

Certainly, it would be less of a bother for me if this phone was unfortunately stolen again, or if I accidentally lost it, or if any other thing happened to it that would cause it to lose its use. It is very replaceable, and there is not much content in it except the usual conversation and contacts that you have. All in all, I am satisfied with this phone. It is a good piece of gadget to settle in to unless of course, it is already malfunctioning or whatnot. Oh, by the way, I bought this phone for around P1,200. In $ I think it would be around $30-40 only.


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