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The Plague of Plagiarism

Updated on August 24, 2015

Plagiarism Sucks

The Plagiator
The Plagiator

My Dear Plagiator,

Hubber Jim Sheng left this comment on my hub The Great Spam Recycler:

"Have you ever tried to recycle spam Email? I came across a blog which claims to dedicate to Email spam recycle, here is it:"

I've taken a look at this blogspot (oldest post Monday, 15 December 2008) and I've found this text here:

"About Spam Recyle: Do you hate spam? I love it. It's all talking about great pills, replica watches, online dating communities, free traffics, making thousands of dollars per day online. All those products that will help you regain control of your masculinity or a new amazing way of male enhancement to outwit Mother Nature! These doctor recommended products will enhance your masculine virility and length, with great results for your lovemaking life. If you don't get instant satisfaction... you simply get your money back! So what are you waiting for? There are some Great Pills of Fire here!"

All posts are by Jim Sheng, so I presume Hubber Jim Sheng is the owner of the blogspot he promoted in the comment section of my Great Spam Recycler Hub. In that case, Jim Sheng in December 2008 has simply copy/pasted the text above from my Great Spam Recycler Hub created in August 2008, the same Hub where he left his spammy comment. (Spamming his way through my Hub, he must have forgotten he plagiarised this Hub a month ago...)

Here is a copy/paste of my Hubtext (being the writer of these lines, I am entitled to do this):

"Do you hate spam? I love it... if I can recycle it in some really dumb cartoons! It's all talking about sex here, I am afraid... But nevertheless, here are some great quotes from those spam mails about the products that will help you regain control of your masculinity or a new amazing way of male enhancement to outwit Mother Nature! These doctor recommended products will enhance your masculine virility and length, with great results for your lovemaking life. The new Karma (sic!) Sutra skills are coming within your reach with the herbal products of the love doctors. If you don't get instant satisfaction... you simply get your money back! So what are you waiting for? There are some Great Pills of Fire here!"

Not so long ago, I've changed these lines a bit... the only reason why there are some differences with the lines recycled by the Spam & Other Texts Recycling Jim Sheng.

Here in Europe, an idea or a concept is not copyrighted, but even the title of the Jim Sheng blogspot "Spam Recycle" is, well... a nearly copy/paste from my "The Great Spam Recycler", and he also copy/pasted my "Great Pills of Fire" quote.

Text, however, is always and everywhere "copyrighted material". This Great Jim Sheng Copycat didn't ask permission to use my idea, concept, title and text... So, the blogspot he is spamming about in the comment section of the Hub he plagiarised, is illegal.

Because there was no other way to contact The Spamming Plagiator, I became his Hub Fan. I've send him some fan mail (yeah... I'm a big fan of my own work!), saying that if he wanted to maintain his Spam Recycle blogspot, he had to put a link to my Great Spam Recycler Hub on it. And he also had to give me full credit for using my idea, concept, title, slogan and text.

Jim Sheng didn't approve my fan mail yet. And he hasn't answered my message either. So I filed a complaint to Community Manager Maddie Ruud and when there came no answer to, but here also I only got the Sound of Silence.

So I decided to write this Hub on the Plage of Plagiarism.

I've heard some nasty things about stolen identities and that sort of stuff. If there is an explanation, Jim Sheng, let me know. In the Comment Section, for instance. If there is no explanation, I still find it necessary that HubPages should take some action, and not only in this case of plagiarism. You can flag a Hub, but you can't flag a blogspot and you can't flag a Hubber who puts your content on his blogspot.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      No body better steal my poems or I will sue their butts. Thankfully I have published most of them in a book so I can prove I have copyright. This world is so crooked. Good hub!

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 

      9 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I have had hubs copied and pasted elsewhere on the Internet with no credit to me or a link and I know I have found it very annoying!

    • Christoph Reilly profile image

      Christoph Reilly 

      9 years ago from St. Louis

      That sucks, but it IS kind of funny that he spammed where he stole (like sh**ing where you eat, I guess.) It is also a drag that you didn't get some sort of satisfaction from Maddie--you'd think they'd do something! I've had stuff stolen too, and while I have been able to get most of it straightened out (after wasting a day contacting people, etc.,) there is one guy that just stole my Truffles hub in toto and there's no way to contact him--at least not that I know of. Anyway, hope you get it straightened out.

      Off topic, but I spent my honeymoon in Belgium (Knokke Heist) and fell in love with Brugge. We drove into many small towns and met people and really just had an all around great time. Just thought I'd tell you that. Oh, yeah, and just recently saw "The Dog of Flanders" (is that what it was called?) Like I said, off topic.

    • RiaMorrison profile image

      Ria Bridges 

      9 years ago from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

      They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but it wouldn't hurt for these imitators to drop you a line and say that they liked your work and would like to use it, with permission, elsewhere. Plagiarism is the most sincere way of saying, "I don't have an imaginative bone in my body" half the time. :/

      I hope this issue gets resolved for you. Plagiarism has yet to happen to me (knock on wood), but if it did, I know I'd be steamed!


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