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The Pool Bar Game App for Android

Updated on December 7, 2011

The Pool Bar App

The Pool Bar app is one of the best billiard games on the market. I couldn't believe how easy this app was to get good at. I was making shots in no time. The graphics are great. They really make you feel like you're playing pool in a dive bar. You can play by yourself or with a friend.

Why the Pool Bar app is great

What makes the Pool Bar app so easy to play? The app displays arrows showing which way the balls will travel. Not only can you make sure that the cue ball will hit its intended target, you can also see the direction that ball will go. The arrows makes aiming easy. You'll be making shots like a pro in no time. The arrow will turn red if you are aiming at a ball that you can't hit, like the eight ball. This is helpful, if you're like me, and forget if you are on spots or stripes.

Will the Pool Bar app make you a better pool player?

After playing this app, I got the itch to go play a real game of pool. I am not a very good pool player to say the least and have not played pool in a while. I was amazed, I did relatively well and made a couple decent shots. I believe the Pool Bar app helped me learn where the ball will go. I still have my lack of coordination to contend with.

The Pool Bar App Hint

I get kind of impatient when playing against the computer, especial when the computer's player makes a couple shots in a row. I've found I like playing the two player version by myself. That way I get to make all the shots, and I don't really ever loose.

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The Pool Bar App was the free of the day on Amazon's App Store Friday December 3, 2011.


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  • carcro profile image

    Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

    That does sound like a real great app, and it probably does help your real pool game as well. Thanks for the info!