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The Power behind Instagram’s Shoot Square Photo

Updated on March 7, 2017

Instagram is definitely creating that intangible aspect of brand marketing, with deep brand identity and buyer loyalty just to note a few. Once your brand hits off as a relatable brand to a sufficient number of followers, you can spend less time finding potential customers on Instagram, because in no time – your brand will be overwhelmed by followers, thanks to the features that allow anyone to see who is gaining popularity on Instagram based on the posts.

Now, the mediums to achieve such a level of high response is varied, with one of the most effective ways is to engage Instagram influencers on board. Wondering who are qualified as Instagram influencers? They are the modern day celebrities who are powerful in their own ways in engaging their followers, whether is it from their style of writing caption or simply, good looking enough and never fails to keep their followers in suspense, waiting for them to reveal any other details about their seemingly highly interesting lives. Thus, they have undoubted ability in creating high quality digital content, which would get many of their followers moving each time they click that submission of post button. But if you’re thinking that these celebrities are only those who appear on the television screens, you might be amazed that everyday micro influencers who have at least a thousand followers too can be persuasive in their own ways!

Therefore, with relatively a large base of followers, these everyday Instagram influencers are able to gain the trust and conviction of their followers as they introduce your brand’s product. They certainly play a crucial role as a middleman messenger between your business idea and your potential customers, who might be hearing about your brand for the first time! As these influencers are ambassadors of your brand to a certain degree, it is imperative for your company to be associated with the right Instagram influencers whose style speaks of what your brand stands for. As a result, your business can largely benefit from the increased brand awareness brought about by these Instagram influencers, hence expanding on your brand’s followers reach.

In addition, it is also essential that these influencers your company engage in, include your brand’s exclusive personality and practice so that the outreach to your potential consumers are not mismatched. They can either tag your brand in the photo or caption’s segment of the post. You will be taken aback to ascertain that small calls to action in the influencer’s post will yield a more captivating response from their followers, such as by asking them a short answer question or asking them to follow your company’s Instagram page or website. Then, it is your duty to be strategic about your page’s bio link and content, as your Instagram page could well be a stepping stone for your potential consumers to land on your ecommerce site, simply ensuring that they get familiarised about your brand quickly.

Consequently, the reciprocity of response that is elicited from the influencer’s post could translate to loyal fans of your brand. It is even more compelling if your brand could get a few everyday micro-influencers writing about your brand, as every 1,000 of their followers is converted to an average of 37 likes per photo of your brand. When you are expecting such a result after learning about the density rendered to your brand, it will be more optimising if you could get your everyday micro influencers to follow a certain extent of posting schedule. This would ensure that the traffic to your site is spread out and does not fizzle in response after a period of satisfying engagement.

Lastly, as these Instagram influencers are representatives of your brand, their posts too have to be created with a clear target of consumer demographics in mind that is suitable for your brand. As you would be very well versed by now about the basic rules of any form of marketing, your brand should be catering to multiple group of relevant audiences, as casting a bigger net in the ocean catches more and in higher likelihood, the better breeds of fish than the small fish net for aquarium catch. Hopefully by now you are more convinced about how edifying that distinctive shoot square style of Instagram photos can turn viewers into buyers supporting your brand!


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