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The Purpose of Splitting Excel 2010 Worksheets into Different Panes

Updated on March 10, 2013

Panes and Worksheets

What is a Pane ?

A pane in Excel 2010 is something which gives the user the power to view the worksheets in different ways. I will explain you with examples, that what I mean by "Power".

This worksheet has about 250 entries. If I scroll down, I would not be able to see the headings which are Sr No., Receipt No., Bill No. etc. This can become frustrating when you have very large amount of data and one can easily get lost with out proper headings.

To over come this situation, you will have to split the windows. A split window will always help you in large data. The next picture will show you where the split buttons are.

In the above picture, the circled ones are called split bars. It can be horizontal and can be vertical. Click on the image to view it closely. Now if I press the horizontal split bar and drag it, to the row number 5 and release the mouse button, the worksheet would split. As you can see from this picture.

Similarly, if you have heading on the left side or in the vertical side, you can easily use vertical split bar for the viewing data.

If you want to revert back to default settings, go to "View" tab in Excel 2010. Then go to "window Group" there you will see "Split button", click on it and you will come to default view.

A picture is attached for reference.

Split View Button
Split View Button

I hope you enjoyed this Hub. If you find it useful please do let me know in comments section.



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