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The Rise in Popularity of Social Media Video Snippet Sharing

Updated on March 7, 2013

When Youtube launched in 2006, no one imagined how quickly the small startup would continue it’s meteoric rise to catch the interest and eventually be purchased by Google. While the popularity and development of longer sequence video still is ever expanding , there are enough business minded investors who believe that short snippets of video recorded on smartphones and iphones will begin to become the latest video format that will make video adoption extremely popular.

And that is already being evidenced, by the launch of three social media platforms that are based on the sharing of short form video snippets. You can record your video on an iphone or android app and upload and share on your favorite social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook, these social media video platforms are Vine, Viddy, and Keek. While there are many more software applications out there these three mentioned tend to get a lot of media press in popular tech blogs and online magazines.

What is short form video?

Basically, imagine an Instagram social platform using video and just like Instagram, you have a video feed that displays all the videos posted by the users you follow. You can like, comment, view the tags and share the videos across other social networks as well. All the three applications mentioned above are offering a different video length format at the writing of this article: Vine is a six second looping video and is currently available only as an iphone app at the itunes app store, Viddy allows up to 15 seconds of video and is also currently only available as an iphone app and Keek allows up to 36 seconds of video and is available as both an android and iphone app.

All three companies, make social platforms very similar looking to Twitter (Vine is owned by Twitter) , Youtube and Facebook combined. The applications do not enable video editing but several third party companies have launched in order to enable you to edit your videos created on each application. They also vary in on whether you can embed your videos.

What is the sign up process?

For all three applications, you can usually sign up with either a Twitter or Facebook account. You will set up a username and provide a password. On all the applications, sign up or registration is free. You will usually be directed to access the app via the Google app store or the itunes app store.

You might want to explore how others are using their accounts to get an idea of which application platform you might prefer. For some, just the fact that they either own an iphone or android platform will determine what their choice will be. Many others will make their decision based on the social networks they or their friends are using most.

Viddy Main Page


When did these applications launch? And who is on these networks?

Viddy - As of May 2012, the Viddy app had attracted 26 million users in just a short amount of time. A few high profile individuals and celebs have even jumped onboard with Viddy, including Mark Zuckerberg, Shakira, Jay-Z , Bill Cosby, Snoop Dogg and Will Smith.

Viddy App Technology Review

Vine Itunes Store Access


Vine - According to a January 13, 2013, article on Mashable, “It's too early to tell if the service is going to blossom like Instagram did (the service has 90 million active users and counting, two and a half years after launch).” Vine is currently #4 in the App Store, beating out Google Maps and YouTube. It's the top social networking app by far.

Vine App Technology Review

Keek Main Page


Keek - Keek launched in early 2011 because it wanted to in their words "create a social network that was more authentic and personal” Keek has been described as a “micro-version of Youtube”. It allows you to create video from a webcam or it’s video app. According to the International Business Times, Keek's nothing short of one of this year's hottest new social apps. Keek was released in March and has exploded in popularity in the ensuing months, receiving 250 million page views and 21 million visits in August alone. For all you Kardashian fans, Kim Kardashian has an active account on Keek. You might want to check out her personal Keek profile, which has more than 150,000 followers and growing. (Correction: Her exact followers are 800,781, I verified this on the Keek site where she is listed in the top 100. Her family also seems to be on the social media network as well. The article I had obtained the information from was written two months ago. Just a small anecdotal idea of how fast this social media platform is growing.)

Keek App Review

What is the adoption rate of short sequence video snippets?

All these video applications and their companies are in many ways, still in their growth stage , but I wouldn’t discount their use just yet. As their popularity grows and each company develops its reach to additional users, you will see this as a popular form of video development sharing and distribution. This medium is especially advantageous to small businesses who want to get short snippet videos out to potential customers without having to learn extensive video editing skills. I have already seen various designers showcasing the end result of their work, for example , their product packaging, on these videos.

I would suggest that you check out these platforms, and start thinking up innovative ways you can use the platform in your small business or just for fun for your personal use.


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