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The Scoop on the New Droid X: Part I

Updated on November 2, 2010

Part I: Droid X Technical Aspects

If you are in the market for a cell phone and you just want a basic phone that you dial the number and talk to people, the Droid X is probably not the device for you. The new Motorola Droid X has so many features and endless possibilities, it would be impossible to describe them all to you in one hub. I have decided to break down the Droid X for you in shorter, more manageable mini-hubs. This first mini hub is dedicated to the technical aspects of the Droid X. Let's take a look at what this baby can do.

Technical Information

Hardware & Connectivity

  • Operating System: Android 2.1
  • Blue-tooth technology(Specs from Motorola: Blue-tooth Class 1.5, Version 2.1 + EDR; support profiles, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HID, HSP, OPP, PBAP.
  • Wifi & 3G Mobile Hot spot
  • Synchrony: able to synchronize Microsoft Exchange 2003 & 2007; as well as it can sync your google calendar, contacts and gmail.
  • Web Browsing: Full web browsing available; supports html code and flash codes.
  • Connectivity: The Droid connects through a micro usb connector and cable. The Droid X can also connect to other devices with blue-tooth and digital living network alliance devices.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with hearing devices and texting TTY capable as well.
  • Battery: 1540 mAh Li Ion; standby time of 220 hours; talk time 420 minutes.
  • Email: Stay connected through email, text, voicemail (visual voicemail capable), instant messaging and multimedia messaging.
  • Other cool features:touch screen, talk-text (emails, text, searches and dialing), fully customizable interface, pinch to zoom, 8 mega pixel camera with flash and zoom, HD video recording, GPS location services, pre installed 16 GB memory card (expandable to 32 GB micro sd), the Droid X can plug into your HDMI capable television to watch your recorded movies and pictures, and the Droid X can geotag, crop, and edit your photographs as well. The Droid X can do so many awesome things it is hard to remember them all.

Customization At Your Fingertips

The new Droid X is one of the most customizable phones I have ever owned. I went from a Blackberry Curve, which I thought was pretty customizable, to the Droid X, and I cannot believe the difference. The Droid has seven, separate, customizable screens you can scroll through. On my Droid X, one screen is dedicated to news alerts and local news; roll your finger across the screen to the left and you will get another menu. This screen is dedicated to my music, camera, video camera, and media gallery.

I have a few other menus on my Droid. They are my communication screen, my social networking screen and my connectivity screen. On my communication screen I keep easy access to my emails, phone book, and text messages.

My social networking screen includes direct access to my facebook page and other useful social networking sites.

The last screen, the one I call the connectivity screen, houses my 3G hot spot button, maps, and buttons that toggle blue tooth, wireless signal, airplane mode, and a few others.

Example of Customized Screens

I found this example when searching how to change your Droid X appearance.
I found this example when searching how to change your Droid X appearance. | Source

 So far, the Droid X seems like it can do more than I am going to ever need. The technology of this phone is mind boggling. Now that we know some technical background on the Droid X, my next hub will cover what kinds of applications you can run on your Droid X.


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