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The Search for Old MySpace

Updated on February 22, 2015

MySpace is no longer your space

MySpace is no longer your space--it is their space.

  • Your stuff is gone.
  • They didn't ask your opinion (except long after it was a fait accompli).
  • Previously stylized as MySpace and My_____, it is now mys pace.
  • You cannot escape Justin TImerberlake. The site promotes him nonstop. It is HIS space.
  • According to Gizmodo, it is easy to use. Liars. Try to find the log out or log off. Even Facebook has that feature if you look hard enough.
  • Your blogs, private messages, videos, comments, posts, and customized background designs deleted. MySpace even removed the games that users had played. My Space? No. THEIR space.

This Is Now My Third Most Popular Hub

This is now my third most popular space, er, hub and that seems pointless because no one comments or says what one should do about it. Sure, I could run a poll but I might not suggest the things you would think and I tend to give several dozen choices where everyone else would give two or three choices at most.

So please comment because that is better than a poll with pre-defined answers. Thanks.

Myspace punishes its few remaining friends

How? By vanishing their blogs.

This has gone viral. Note the comments from around the world. Apparently if they had just let Myspace be Myspace and let Facebook be Facebook instead of trying to turn Myspace into Facebook, then all this could have been avoided. Some people think Myspace is a lot more useful than the time-wasting Facebook. But try and tell that to the owners of Myspace.

Alternatives to MySpace







what MySpace management never understood

Notice how I used the past tense in reference to MySpace? The management at MySpace never understood that MySpace was not just dwarfed in size by Facebook. Sure, Facebook has about a billion users. So MySpace figured that increasing members or fans or users is what they should focus on and, to a certain extent, that's true. Except MySpace has steadily lost numbers.

What MySpace overlooked and will continue to overlook is that it is different from Facebook. You go to Facebook to waste time. You go to MySpace to create space. Was anyone paying attention just now? Time versus space. You have to log into Facebook but you can see some of MySpace without login. You can't individualize your Facebook page (not really) but old MySpace was nothing but pimping your page and customizing your creation and skins. The demographics were different. Facebook has never respected your privacy because they periodically apologize for some invasion and a few weeks later, they are back to their old tricks. MySpace has never gotten the bad press over the privacy issue that Facebook has earned. And then NewsCorp (the company caught invading the privacy of British subjects as fodder for its tabloids) took over MySpace.

MySpace was about storing memories and now MySpace has developed amnesia. So not only has MySpace management never understood what once made their company a success, they have forgotten the early days of Tom.

Tom who?

Tom Anderson

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    • profile image

      Mike G 2 years ago

      My problem is this: I created a video in high school which I used to get a scholarship to AI. I saved the video to a disk and uploaded to MySpace incase I ever lost the disk (I was 17 or 18, give me a break lol). Well the disk has been lost. I since have been to MySpace to retrieve the video. Of all of my videos that transferred, that one did not. Apparently it didn't meet some new user agreements or something, and so it appears to be gone for ever.

      My solution is this. Keep your new MySpace, but also give people access to their old profile. I would suggest a different url such as

    • Toni_Roman profile image

      Toni_Roman 3 years ago

      There has been a recent surge in traffic to this hub and since I have not updated it, MySpace must have messed up something else. I would not know since I have not visited my MySpace space in years. No one has commented and so it remains a total mystery to me.

    • profile image

      Bob 4 years ago

      This is why myspace is no longer used

      they messed up cost them everything