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The Smell App: Imagine If ______ Had A Smell App!

Updated on March 10, 2014

Recently, Oscar Mayer announced that they had developed an iPhone app that releases the smell of fresh bacon when the alarm on your phone goes off.

You will also here the sizzling sound of bacon and a soothing voice that will wake you up.

They are calling it "Wake Up and Smell the Bacon". The app can be downloaded for free from Apple but you need to get an add-on that releases the smell (See the picture above).

Currently, they are not making many of them but you can log onto the app's site and compete for a chance to win the add-on by taking a quiz about how much you love bacon.

The technology is here, but wouldn't some other products benefit from this app? I don't know many people who would likely compete to win one of these add-ons.

However, I can think of several other products that DO need this technology right now.

Here is an explanation of the smell app technology...


Here are my top picks for brands that could profit from this technology. Think it over and let me know in the comments section below.


Dunkin Donuts

"America runs on Dunkin" that's for sure. I personally know several people who look forward to a cup of joe and a doughnut every single morning. They cannot function without it. The scent of a coffee and doughnut might motivate them to jump on out of bed. Then they'll make it to the "Double D" on time before they are late for work.


Maxwell House

If the sound of percolating coffee along with the matching aroma doesn't get your blood flowing then I do not know what else will. This app will be "Good to the last drop" even if you keep pressing snooze.



What better way for the "Company For Women" to sell perfume? Let your ladies smell the perfume your representatives are trying to sell. Who wants to smear a smelly, mini baby wipe on their wrist? I think this would be way better than a sample. Its more advanced.



Imagine you're on a diet and you are eating a salad. You could release the smell of a steak or a cheeseburger from your WeightWatchers app and trick your mind into thinking you are eating that instead. You know the nose controls taste.

Or, perhaps, WeightWatchers could provide sample smells of the meals they are selling.



Who doesn't adore the smell of freshly cleaned clothes? A strong fabric softner can leave your clothes turning heads all day long. You can release the smell whenever you want to feel funky fresh in the crowd.



If the dog poots you'll be ready with a Febreze smell app. Defend yourself with your iPhone. Camouflage smelly socks, stinky cars, bad breath, and smokey rooms with a Febreze smell app. I'm in!


Yankee Candle

They just smell so good. A smell app could be great for sales! Similar to an air freshner, Yankee Candle can market candle fragrances with the app.

How about a if a certain fragrance emitted from your phone whenever a specific person called you?

I want to be the fragrance of a Vanilla Cupcake candle on my fiance's phone whenever I call or text him.


Vicks VapoRub

It would be perfect if Vicks VapoRub sprayed from your iPhone - every hour or two - whenever you are feeling under the weather. You wouldn't have to wake up for more. Skeptics couldn't deny that the smell app could have health benefits too.

Certain scents also have relaxation effects. Lavender being one of them. Aromatherapy is real.

How much would you spend to have your favorite scent a click away?

See results

Smell App For Texting & Games

A Japanese company known as Chat Perf is using this technology to send a scent with a text or with games. This would be cool if you wanted to smell the scent of your boyfriend or girlfriend every time they texted you. If you're a gamer, maybe you'd like the smell of gunpowder while you're playing Call of Duty.

What Do You Think?

The possibilities are endless, if the price is right. Can you think of any other companies or products that would profit from an app like the Oscar Mayer bacon alarm app?

What do you think? Will this smell app technology take off in America or fizzle in the smelly wind?


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