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The Social Death and How To Bring Your Law Firm Back to Life

Updated on May 10, 2012

Getting Others to Gossip

Whether we want to admit it or not, we like gossip, we like hearing and talking about others, and if we are the ones getting gossiped about, as long as it is positive, our innate narcissistic blood, flows with visions of grandeur.

Yes, positive gossip is beneficial to our social presence on the Internet, and negative gossip causes businesses to suffer; however depending how resilient they are and how good their customer service and public relations department are, they can recover. But what about no gossip? No gossip is like dying, being buried, and nobody coming to visit your stone.

So how can you get others to gossip about you? Talk about you good or bad?

No the answer is not get involved in some political scandal and hope that the media will cover it. Spending thousands on media and print advertising is as well not the answer.

What it comes down to is following your target demographics and your previous clients and their friends via the social media network. That is what makes social law firm marketing work.

In LinkedIn, follow the demographic groups you do business with. In Twitter, connect with your past clients and pay attention to whom they are following. In Google Plus, add your demographics to your circles, and ask others to add you to theirs. The same instruction can be given to your Facebook personal profile and professional page.

On Pinterest, seek out boards that interest you, follow those people, repin their pictures, and pin images to your board that come from your internal blog posts, press releases, and article distributions via sites like Articlebase, Scribd, Docstoc, Law Firm Newswire, Digg or even Google news.

Think of Pinterest as your social media hub that connects to Facebook, Twitter, and displays content from news sources all over the web that are talking about you because of all the strategies you used above.

In each of these networks, you must be talking about yourself via web posts and Twitter updates; talking to others via viral content like videos and news articles; and most importantly listening and reposting to blog/group conversations.

In short, what it all comes down to is---give them something to talk about. How do you recover from social death? How to get back the gossip? By being mildly narcissistic, a great listener, and empathic/sympathetic. This the only way to recover from the social death---it is the only way to ignite gossip.


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