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The Social Networking Phenomenon: Facebook Habits

Updated on September 19, 2008

Chronology of Facebook from 2004 - Today!

The Good Old Days of Facebook

I remember the first time I heard about Facebook? A friend of mine told me about it when we were in college. Even so, it took me several months before I gave in and finally joined the world of Facebook.

That was before Facebook was officially launched and only college students could join. We missed certain applications like the ability to upload pictures, and write blogs (notebook application), and the search tool wasn't all that great, but the concept was awesome, the layout, and the fact that it was only for students made it somewhat private, more sophisticated, and unique from Myspace. It seemed to draw a more intellectual crowd, and unlike Myspace, it was a great way to network and truly meet people in your area for social events and gatherings, etc.

I remember when Facebook was launched, sometime when I was in Moscow. Suddenly the number of users increased, even multiplied rapidly, tripled, and it was great because you could add people from other Universities, and then eventually other students, like little brothers in high school. You could create and join groups such as "The 916" and "Friends of the Norwegians at UCSB" and "In Love with Love." Remember the Facebook days when it was nice to send event invitations to all your friends when we had the MardiGras party, and our fun Wine Tasting parties!!! And we could also look up other events that were happening on Isla Vista's most beloved strip, Del Playa!!!

It wasn't long until Mark Zuckerberg enabled all of us to upload our pictures, and that was a blast. We could write comments, create photo albums, and tag other people, tools that Myspace is only now catching on to.

The Facebook of 2007

Now, with all of these millions of applications that I am constantly being notified of like the man who clicks "yes" on me because he likes the way I look, however, he chooses to remain anonymous are really annoying me! Other similar applications are the movie surveys, the How Hot is your Name survey, the Hot or Not game, that Vampire one that was real popular around summer 07 and Halloween, the Buy your Friends a round of drinks, and all of the millions of quizzes there are to take. These aren't necessarily pointless, and at times can be interesting and fun.

The problem is in order for me to even read about the results of a friend's quiz, etc, I have to go through numerous steps to first download the application, and then send invitations to all of my friends, and then click through all the stupid advertisements before I can finally see the person's quiz results. The majority (95%) of the time, I don't even want the stupid application on my profile, all I want to do is simply read the information about those of my friends who took the survey. Finally, after about 25 minutes, I am able to see what my friends have to say in the quizzes and surveys. By that time, I am already logging out due to lack of patience, boredom, and frustration. Perhaps I just have too small of an attention span to be intrigued by all these silly things.

Facebook in Business

Nevertheless, Facebook is worth $15M now, and Microsoft just purchased about 1.5% of the company. There are rumors it is will be going public in 2008! At 23, Mark Zuckerberg will be sitting on MILLIONS of $$$!

Facebook & Myself

Until I am officially "too old" to be logging into Facebook, and that may be too soon, Zuckerberg can still count on me to login 3-4 times each week, and perhaps everyday even. I love Facebook. I have grown quite fond of it, despite all of those ridiculous applications. The great thing is that Zuckerberg has always been open to feedback. It only takes a simple email from your Facebook account.


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    • profile image

      mella 8 years ago

      Well, its amazing. I dont like so much every aplication or these things. Actually i hate them.. its just good for nothing. Im prefering the old versions. There was just that what you mostly needed and it was enough. Even im officialy the younger generation im not so interessed in. Im sorry for my eng ;)

    • Benson Yeung profile image

      Benson Yeung 9 years ago from Hong Kong

      nice hub. we want more of these. welcome to hubpages.