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The Strangest Things on YouTube

Updated on February 2, 2010

Go surfing in the tube.

First off, I know that this isn't like any of my other hubs. This is what happens when I get bored and surf YouTube after a few drinks. Aside from creating fictitious facebook accounts and checking out, YouTube is my go-to for late night shits and giggles. Do you realize how many strange videos there are on YouTube? How entertaining it can be to simply type in a few key words and go surfing in the tube? I could spend all day typing in everything from "peanut-butter bitch-slap" to "Nun molests dog" but instead, i'll do my best to keep this article at least PG-13.


Wow. Nothing's quite as disturbing as a very scary baby. Funny thing is, this kid could be the Gerber Baby on happy pills. What IS scary about him though is his laugh. Holy Jeezus, this was disturbing! I just watched an episode of "The Office"  before I discovered this, and the only reason I even played it to begin with was because the kid looks just like Kevin. Tell me he doesn't. Go ahead, say he doesn't look just like Kevin from "The Office"...

Granny-Dumping is unacceptable... but sometimes understandable.

Who is this woman? Does she have any kids? If so, who the hell had sex with her? Is that food or a loose tooth falling out of her mouth? What is she yelling about? What language is that anyways? Is that water or battery acid in her bottle? Is she on Megan's List? Will I have nightmares tonight? I think so...


This has got to be one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen... partly because someone actually designed this thing to be used at children's parties. I mean, it's bad enough seeing all those innocent little rosy-cheeked bastards running to the top of this... thing (shudder) and slide down to pop out through the... thing (shudder even more), but what really had me laughing my ass off was the tender rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' done entirely in farts. I honestly laughed until I had a headache on this one, and I'll never be able to watch myself pee again... ever.

Now THAT'S Gangsta!

I actually feel kind of bad putting this video up... but that's exactly what Tsim Foukis wants - exposure. The first time I saw this one, I thought to myself "those filters are freaking amazing! that looks so real!" But then I viewed his other videos and realized that he's just an unfortunate kid with an untreatable condition. Hey, I didn't say these would all be funny did I? Nope. Tsim Foukis, you are the Dopest, most Funky-Fresh, Chillin' and Poppin' 'G' up in da crib Y'all! WURD!!! Keep representin' Chicken Little. Juggalo Pride Motha Fucka!

Hey ladies, he's single...

Honestly, sometimes I wonder who comes up with this shit. I can just imagine two college buddies (or college dropouts) sitting around with a bad case of the munchies and bored out of their skulls. "Hey! I've got a great idea. You still have your dad's camera and that Hollywood quality storm trooper costume?" Sometimes "bong" genious can really pay off! I heard these guys made $16 for producing this gem.

Keep that up and your face will stay that way!

First off, this clip is genious. I simply can't look away. Never mind the fact that this was obviously created by someone who probably works a day job producing commercials for insurance companies and is borderline homicidal. This YouTube clip absolutely rocks! I mean, look at those teeth! Where are his eyes? How come he has a receding hairline? Does male pattern baldness run in his family? Like Davinci, is this a rumoured self-portrait much like Mona Lisa? 300 years from now, will people be viewing this in a museum and questioning the artist's sexuality? Will there be best-selling books written about this clip revealing secrets that have been buried by the Catholic Church? What exactly does the Pope think about this? All I know is that after writing this piece, I'm not going to sleep well tonight. This makes me want to pull out my teeth with rusty pliers.


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    • Delaney Boling profile image

      Delaney Boling 5 years ago

      Billy, not sure how that clown poached my hub but it's been taken care of. I have never been Bo Bixby - just another internet ninja without a life trying to make trouble.

      I only ever blog under my real name.

    • profile image

      we4838 5 years ago

    • profile image

      Bill Hille 5 years ago

      Baffo needs to know why your pen-name is Bo Bixby?!

    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

      How about this clip by NationalGeographic on YouTube about a strange fish with a transparent head:

    • Delaney Boling profile image

      Delaney Boling 8 years ago

      Dave - Nothing's too off the wall for me! I also write short stories as a hobby and am working on two fiction novels currently. I would say my style of writing is heavily influenced by the twisted imagery of Chuck Pahlaniuk (Fight Club, Choke, Invisible Monsters), the "in your face" satire of David Sedaris (Santa Land Diaries, Me Talk Pretty One Day) and the creative story-telling of Dean Koontz. I also really love and respect Alice Sebold's prose and flow (The Lovely Bones). Sometimes I like to get away from simply writing down recipes and play around with some other subjects. I like to have fun in my writings, and sometimes it's necessary to break away from routine.

      Habee - Agreed. The world IS full of strange folks, but that's what makes life interesting. We're all story-tellers in here, and without inspiration (be it a phallic children's toy or an albino gansta wanna-be with progeria), we wouldn't have much material to draw from. In your own writings, you've drawn inspiration from some of the strange characters you've run across, and it's made for some very entertaining reads! Life isn't meant to be boring, so for that reason I enjoy finding material that others might consider "risque." By the way, I read your interview in the weekly newsletter - way to go!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      These are amazing! The world is full of STRANGE folks - thank goodness! It makes the rest of us appear normal! lol

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Delaney how do you fit all of this into your next cook book?

      this is very interesting reading but a little off the wall ffor you.