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The Tale of the Great Computer Refresh

Updated on February 20, 2012

Behold there was a great tribe of brewers, and the chiefs of the tribe gathered themselves in the city they call Milwaukee, and they said "Let us refresh all of our computers so that our workers will be more efficient." And so they sent out a call to all the computer tribes throughout the land, and lo one of the tribes found favor in their sight and won the contract to refresh all of their computers.

Then it came to pass that this computer tribe said unto themselves "Behold we have all this work but not enough workers so we must go out and find the workers to refresh the computers". And so the computer tribe sent out a message through all the land to the tribes of recruiters both near and far. And they said unto them "We need many workers to refresh the computers of the tribe of brewers.

And then it came to pass that the many tribes of recruiters went through the land and said unto all of those who did work with the computer, "Bring unto us your lame, your halt, your sickly and your lazy and we shall make out of them an army of technicians to refresh all the computers for the tribe of brewers." And so the army was many but the skill of those within it was little.

Then it came to pass that the great tribe of brewers learned of the recruiters deceitful and wicked ways and they rose up and smote them hip and thigh and the slaughter lasted for many days until the information-super-highway dist run red with the blood of the slain recruiters. That is how the recruiters did fall and the ruin of them was mighty.


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